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I have never fiber glassed before can you talk to me about it? I'm not sure what to buy

What is the difference between epoxy and polyester resins?

ALERT! Example of what not to do with your bottom lamination (Pics included)

How much resin and cloth is needed to order to do one surfboard?

What's a "LAP"?

What is a cuplap vs. Freelap?

What is the difference between lamination and hotcoat in fiberglassing?

I'm hot coating with poly resin, MEKP and surfacing wax. I know the recommended ration of resin to MEKP is 1%. Do I used the same percentage of surfacing wax in the glass coat? Resin + 1% MEKP + 1% wax?

What quantity of resin research and what # of yards of fiber glass do you think I will need for 3 short boards and 2 fishes all between 5.10 - 6.2 ?

How much resin do I need to glass my board

Cost to get epoxy and cloth to glass a 6.3 short board?

I have purchased a DIY kit from you and in the process of glassing my board. How much resin do I need to use to glass my 6'4 top deck since I'm using 2 layer of fiber for the top deck.. I'm using Resin Research Epoxy

What do you guys think is the best epoxy resin for minimal burn throughs. I have decided I care less about flip time than I do burn throughs. It seems like the hot coat has become my number one enemy since iv started shaping.

Can I build a board using polyurethane foam and epoxy resin with your DIY KIT?

I have finished shaping my EPS blank and have finished the skim coat with spackle. I am going to apply a logo that I printed out on the rice paper and wasn't sure when that is applied?

Ready to glass my board 6'3 x 20" x 2 ¾ and epoxy. Approximately how much resin should I mix for the first coat bottom? How much for the top? Then when I am ready I will do another coat to each side as a hot coat right?

Should I cut the under layer just to deck size and then only have a single layer to wrap around the rail?

bought my blanks from you back in Nov. and now I'm glassing. I added a navy blue pigment to the bottom lam but am not happy with the result. Can I paint a coat of navy blue resin over it before the hot coat or is there another way to fix this?

Bamboo Cloth Fiberglass

Do I pour UV powder into the gallon and shake well or can i add it to the mixing cup and stir with a stick?

If I'm doing 4oz + 6oz on the deck which goes on the outside?

I'm ready to install my vented leash plug but it came with no instructions.

What is a good putty to use when installing leash plugs?

I ordered some fin plugs and vented leash plugs from you. With those vented leash plugs you sent me a green chewing gum like mass. Could you tell me what's that for?

I am a student working on a project which is focused on environmentally friendly surf products. I'm interested in the resins and catalysts that you sell and if they are produced in what could be considered an eco-friendly method?

Does epoxy have good UV resistance?  Which boards hold up better over time, epoxy or polyester?

Once the bottom of the board has been laminated, how long should I wait to sand the laps?

Once the top and bottom are laminated, how long should I wait before I hot coat it?

Before hotcoating do I need to rough up the board, and please define "Rough up"? How deep do I need to sand it, etc.

What is the best way to blend the cut lap when doing a resin tint without fading the color?

I tried doing the free lap on the board. I sanded the fiberglass that wrapped around the front of the board and did not get it flush with the foam. After glassing the deck there is a very noticeable ridge where the fiberglass overlaps.

Using all same materials I have been for years. Eps blank. Epoxy resin. I have been experiencing a lot of burn through when installing fin boxes and repairing busted boxes. Doing the 2-1 ratio. Used kwik kick today. Had same issue. Any advice?

I didn't do a great job glassing the rails. After doing the bottom I did not sand or cut the laps over the rail where they did not sit flush with the deck. I have air pocket stretching along the rails where the gaps are between the glass and the deck.

Can I use epoxy resin on a PU blank? I am shaping/glassing in an attached garage and afraid of smell of poly resin in the house.

How do you do a fabric inlay?

What temperature should it be outside in order to glass? Can you glass outside when it is cold then bring indoors to cure?

Can you hotcoat with epoxy over polyester resin?

How much catalyst and surffacing wax do I add to polyester resin?

Did my surfacing wax / additive f go bad?

I would like to put either the ½” or 1” VectorNET Carbon on the rails and maybe nose or something. Or, do you recommend wrapping the entire board and reducing the number of cloth layers?

Is styrene is compatible with the epoxy for a gloss coat?

How many times do I wrap the rails with fiberglass?

Hello I have a question regarding the carbon stringer. Do I use one up center on bottom and one up center on deck , or use them as parabolic stringer on the rails, or on bottom running parallel with each other a few inches apart from tail to nose.

Can I install the vented leash plug before glassing? Then tape off the plug and continue glassing? I have watch your video. I would like cover over the ring of epoxy shown in the video with fiber glass for a uniform look.

Can I use epoxy resin on a PU blank? I am shaping/glassing in an attached garage and afraid of smell of poly resin in the house.

Do I need to seal the PU blank before laminating with a spackle?

We have an old beat up board that we want to strip down and re-shape into a new board. I feel that we would need shaping tools, glassing supplies (cloth, resin, etc.) and fins, leash plug. Please let me know any ideas, suggestions, or insight.

My boards are feeling a bit heavy. I think I'm using too much resin. How can I make them lighter and not affect the strength?

What is a cheater coat of resin and when do I apply it?

Can use Polyester resin over the epoxy resin once the board is sealed with the epoxy resin

Is it okay to glass the deck the day after you glass the bottom? Should I sand the rails before glassing the deck?

I have a question about the vented leash plug: Is it essential to add Cab-O-Sil to the resin?

What is the expected lifetime of the G-Vent membrane in your vented leash plugs?

Cut lap Marking Tool

How long would you recommend waiting between glassing sessions? I saw on the 'How to Make a Surfboard' guide it may take up to 12 hours. Will I be able to tell if it's dry in less time?

What is the best way to blend the cut lap when doing a resin tint without fading the color?

If I use UV polyester resin, do I need to buy MEKP catalisyst or only the wax surfacing (hot coat) and styren (gloss coat)?

Do I need a respirator mask with cartridge if I use UV resin?

Does surfacing wax have a shelf life? I have some that is about 1.5 yrs old and am not sure if I can still use it.

I use polyester resin when making boards. I am curious if I can use the carbon fiber for reinforcement with polyester or do I need to use epoxy?

I laminated the bottom but some fiberglass didn't take. How to fix? [PIC INCLUDED]

My pigmented lamination is too light, not the color I wanted. Can I fix this?

Is VectorNet and S-2 fiberglass a strong combination?

if I use the Vectornet as the first layer and a bright green opaque lamination over it, with the vector net show through?

Polyester resin hotcoat is still sticky and did not cure.

How far from the back of my shortboard I should install the fcs leash plug ?

With UV resin, I only need to put the entire white powder pack in the UV resin gallon? Except for the finbox and leashplug, there is no need to put MEKP catalyst because the sun is the catalyst?

What does the "cloth yardage multiplier" column means in the resin amount per board length chart

Do I need to sand the entire board between the glassing and the hot coat? Or I just need to sand the rails where the freelap is?

Do I need to sand the entire board between the hot coat and the gloss coat or I just sand the board after the gloss coat?

For the gloss coat, if I understand the chart, I need to do the same as the hotcoat -->Resin+surfacing wax and add styren (no need of MEKP catalyst because I use UV resin)?

Does polyester surfacing wax have a shelf life? Does it go bad over time?

How do I calculate the polyester resin/catalyst ration according to my room temperature? My glassing room is 85 degrees F.

How much resin do I need to glass a longboard?

Can I add styrene to Silmar 250B polyester resin the same way I add it to 249B Silmar resin?

Bubbles and pinholes in polyester hotcoat using Silmar 250B. Can I add more wax, styrene to 250B to make Gloss Resin

How to vacuum bag veneers on a board

After the polyester lamination cures it always stays a little sticky, so when I am sanding before hotcoating it does not sand well.

How do I get the carbon tape to stay in place while laminating when it wraps from the bottom to the top for the Lost Carbon Warp technology?

What is a "deck patch" and how do I apply it to the board?

I have already laminated 1 layer of fiberglass on the bottom of my board, but I want to add the "football" shaped patches to support my that area. Can I still do that over the first lamination?

Is it possible to paint my board before I apply the gelcoat / hotcoat

Can I glass with resin in cold temperatures? My garage is 60 degrees.

I'm trying to install your vented leash plug vxv 3.14 today. Should I tape over the top so resin doesn't get in?

Can I glass the diamond weave VectorNET and the fiberglass cloth at the same time?

How many layers of fiberglass can I laminate at once?

Instructions for using Silmar UV Solar Cure Polyester Resin

How much styrene do I add for gloss coat?

What is the difference between E-glass, WARP, S-glass, and Hexcel?

So I need to add Styrene to the resin when hotcoating my board?

The offset carbon tape seems to have a plastic liner. Should I peel it off then glass, or leave it on?

Should I only spread resin in one direction and lightly to avoid flattening out the fibers in the carbon fiber tape?

How many layers of fiberglass do I put on the deck and bottom?

How do you laminate a board with all one color tint?

When do I cut a cut lap? Do I wait for it to cure?

When do I put the carbon fber on? Place the tail patches under the deck lamination and glass it all together?

I was just wondering if you must use styrene with the wax, catalyst and polyester resin. I have made several mixes today and it seems to gum up and not fully harden. I tried adding extra catalyst and it just cured almost immediately.

I'm making a 6'1" surfboard. How much fiberglass do I need?

How to hotcoat and sand concaves without all the resin pooling in the bottom of those features?

Do you laminate both sides of the board at once and do you sand before the hot coat or after

What is the difference between Hexcel and Aerialite fiberglass cloth?

What kind of resin for EPS foam blanks?

What kind of resin for Polyurethane (PU) blanks like US Blanks