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Surfboard Resin Tints and Pigments

Unique color and artwork on your surfboard is another important element to your style. Greenlight's Premier Resin Pigments and Tints are vibrant high end resin colorants formulated for use with epoxy resins but is just as colorful in polyester resins.

Get creative on your project with these resin pigments and tints for resin swirls, acid splashes, tail dips, mexican blanket designs, resin panels, or full color laminations.

Another trick is to do a "foam stain" by adding these pigments to resin and squeegee the color directly to the foam and then do a clear lamination over the colored foam. 

Also an excellent resin colorant for resin crafts, resin jewelry, resin art, epoxy pours, river, waterfall, stream, and lagoon tables,