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About Us

Greenlight is Celebrating 18 YEARS Serving Surfers Around the Globe!

Greenlight Surfboard Supply is the gateway to the growing movement of surfers achieving a deeper connection with the True Spirit of Surfing by designing and shaping their own surfboards.

We Strive to Make Surfboard Building Easy and Fun for all Surfers to Shape Boards at Home

Greenlight Surf Supply is a division of Greenlight Surf Co. which manufactures and distributes surfboard building materials to surfers around the world. Instead of focusing on the established corporate surfboard building industry, Greenlight caters to the average surfer who wants to expand his/her surfing experience (and save a lot of money) by shaping their own surfboards at home.

Noteable Milestones in Greenlight History:

2005 Greenlight Surf Co. was founded in a small home garage by Brian Gagliana, a Mechanical Engineer and Product Designer by trade. He focused his creative and analytical mind towards improving surfboards through developing alternative methods, materials, techniques, and specialized tools to build them, and continues to do so today...

From the start, bamboo was the main sustainable material used by Greenlight, most notably as the board's stringer, decorative veneers, fins, and the outer structural skin - bamboo fiberglass - Brian's break through development for surfboards. Greenlight is also the pioneer of bio-plastic surfboard parts derived from corn starch (to replace petroleum based leash plugs).

2009 Greenlight developed “VXV” vented leash plugs for EPS boards which continue sell worldwide and are included in some surfboards manufactured by ...Lost and other top brands.

2011 Brian introduced his Greenlight PRO TOOLS and then in 2015 he developed a more affordable line of the same surfboard shaping tools for entry level shapers. These tools change the way boards are made as they provide a more efficient, ergonomic, and accurate shaping experience compared to the same old woodworking tools that have been used for over 50 years.

2013 Unfortunately it became apparent in 2013 that the majority of eco-products we carried (Biofoam, Entropy Super Sap Resin, Bamboo stringers and fiberglass, corn based plastics, etc.) were not accepted enough by surfers to make it financially stable so they were discontinued. A good 'ol case of the "if the big brand surfboard marketing companies aren't using it in their disposable boards it must not be good." - a sentiment that continues to plague surfers who need to be "cool" by riding whatever the current world champ has under his feet this year. Since you're reading this you must be a real surfer who understands there is a deeper connection to surfing through board building and you don't fall into that cool guy sheep mentality... we appreciate you 😉

2016 Greenlight teamed up with a large American plastics manufacturer to develop a superior EPS foam for surfboard building. The goal was to increase the strength, stiffness, and shape-ability of EPS foam which was achieved after a few rounds of experimentation and processing tweaks. Greenlight Engineered EPS Foam was born and continues to be a favorite among surfboard shapers.

2020 After 15 years of extensive R&D with epoxy resins Greenlight launches their Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System and Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth to improve surfboard and watercraft durability and ease of construction. Mainly increasing the bond strength between the epoxy and fiberglass as well as eliminating common epoxy resin surface issues such as fish eyes and pin holes with advanced chemistry.

2021-2022 In the true nature of D.I.Y. Brian produces the Greenlight Surfboard Building MASTERCLASS by filming and learning to edit every step of the surfboard process in full detail so any surfer can REALLY UNDERSTAND and HAVE CONFIDENCE in what you're doing when you dive into building your own boards.  

Throughout the history of Greenlight we have designed and built most of our custom machinery and factory to be able to manufacture our products with a high degree of quality and efficiency. A few machines we have built in-house are a 14' long CNC thermal hotwire blank cutting machine, a 24" diameter circular saw sled for precise blank splitting, a 10 bay resin dispensing machine for accurately pouring and packaging epoxy and polyester resins in various quantities, foam pouring molds, fiberglass cloth rolling machine among numerous other jigs and shop tools. When space gets tight we make more through building heavy duty steel lally column and I-beam lofts an move on up as we continue to grow and satisfy more and more surfers.

At Greenlight we have two mottos:
More foam, more fun and It's always satisfying to DO-IT-YOURSELF!