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About Us

Greenlight is Celebrating 14 YEARS Serving Surfers Around the Globe!

Greenlight Surfboard Supply is the gateway to the growing movement of surfers achieving a deeper connection with the True Spirit of Surfing by designing and shaping their own surfboards.

We strive to make surfboard building Easy and Fun for all surfers to shape boards at home.

Greenlight Surf Co. was founded in a garage in 2005 by Brian Gagliana, a Mechanical Engineer and Product Designer by trade, where he focused his creative mind towards improving surfboards through developing alternative materials, techniques, and tools to build them.

Bamboo was the main sustainable material used by Greenlight, most notably as the board's stringer, decorative veneers, fins, and the outer structural skin - bamboo fiberglass - Brian's break through development for surfboards. Greenlight is also the pioneer of bio-plastic surfboard parts derived from corn starch (to replace petroleum based leash plugs).

Unfortunately it became apparent in 2013 that the majority of surfers don't care enough about the environment and the eco-products were discontinued. Greenlight developed “VXV” vented leash plugs for EPS boards which sell worldwide and are included in some surfboards manufactured by ...Lost and other top brands.

Recently Brian has introduced his Greenlight PRO TOOLS line of surfboard shaping specific tools for more efficient and accurate shaping compared to the same old woodworking tools that have been used for over 50 years.

Greenlight Surf Supply is a division of Greenlight Surf Co. which manufactures and distributes surfboard building materials to surfers around the world. Instead of focusing on the established corporate surfboard building industry, Greenlight caters to the average surfer who wants to expand his/her surfing experience (and save a lot of money) by shaping their own surfboards at home.

Complete kits include all the materials, tools, instruction, and online support (provided directly by Brian and Greenlight's professional crew) to guide anyone to building a great looking and fun to ride surfboard the very first time.

 Our new warehouse also serves as the manufacturing center for our line of high quality EPS foam surfboard and Stand Up Paddleboard blanks cut on the 14' CNC hotwire cutter we also designed and built ourselves. (It's good to DO-IT-YOURSELF!)

Greenlight also recycles 100% of it's EPS scrap through a grinding process that produces packing peanuts that protect delicate products when shipping.


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FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $35

**Excluding Surfboard Blanks but Shaping Kits ship for FREE too!

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