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Surfboard Design Guide

Greenlight Surf Supply's Surfboard Design Guide

Building great boards is part science, and part art. And while much of what board design is about is based on some pretty simple scientific principles, a large part of what we do as shapers is subjective, personal and qualitative, rather than objective, universal, and quantitative. In other words, everybody has their own personal preferences, and every designer/shaper has their own vision and reason for doing what they do, how they do it. Ultimately, we do what feels right in our hands, looks beautiful to our eyes, and works well under our feet. And that is what it's all about.

There's no formula for the magic board, or everybody would be riding the same thing, and factories would be pumping out millions of "Magic Boards."
It's the search... the journey... the process of creating and learning and moving endlessly forward that drives us all - novice and expert alike.

The Greenlight Surfboard Design Guide is a compilation of information about some basic (& some advanced) design aspects of surfboards. We hope to improve your understanding so your personal shapes will continue to improve your surfing experience.
Knowledge = Better Surfing

Table of Contents:

1. Surfboard Outline Design

2. Surfboard Rocker & Foil Design

3. Surfboard Tail Design

4. Surfboard Rail Design

5. Surfboard Bottom Contour Design

6. Surfboard Fin Design