How to build surfboard glassing stands cheap!

How to build surfboard glassing stands cheap! All you need is an 8' long piece of 2x4 lumber, short lenghts of scrap wood, (2) 5 gallon buckets and a bag of play sand or concrete mix.   

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What Materials Do You Need to Make a Surfboard?

What Materials Do You Need to Make a Surfboard? 1. Surfboard Foam Blank 2. Fiberglass Cloth 3. Surfboard Resin 4. Surfboard Fin Boxes 5. Surfboard Leash Plug   6. Art and Graphic Supplies

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How to make a surfboard shaping rack

How to make a Surfboard Shaping Rack All you need is (5) 2 x 4's from Home Depot and a box a screws.  Surfboard Shaping Rack Pads are sold HERE.  

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Surfboard Colored Deck or Fabric Inlay Lamination / Cut Lap Diagram

How to do a tinted or pigmented deck inlay or fabric inlay with a cut lap. 

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Greenlight's Surfboard Building Philosophies #10 Trouble Free Epoxy Glassing Tips

It looks like glassing your boards with epoxy resin has become the more popular choice over polyester resin based on our records this year. 2-3 years ago we’ve had plenty of experienced poly guys come into the shop stating they’ll never use epoxy for one reason or another. Today most of them have added epoxy to their skill set and some of them now say “I’ll never use polyester resin again! It stinks, it’s weak, it’s hazardous… epoxy’s so much nicer to work with.” Notice I used the words skill set to describe the act of using epoxy. Skill comes from knowledge and...

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