Great Surfboard Shaping Video from one of our Greenlight Customers

Shaping from Mat on Vimeo.

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10 Facts about EPOXY RESINS You Need to Know

10 Facts about EPOXY RESINS You Need to Know Disclaimer: Much of the information below is general in nature, non-specific to any particular brand, and randomly presented. There are always exceptions to everything and no doubt someone could debate nearly every point made below. However, in general, the information below holds true and will make you immediately knowledgeable about epoxies. 1. Epoxy coatings are used because of their outstanding chemical resistance, durability, low porosity and strong bond strength. 2. Epoxies consist of a ‘base' and a ‘curing' agent. The two components are mixed in a certain ratio. A chemical reaction...

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The future of surfboard shaping is here

The future of surfboard shaping is here. EPS / epoxy surfboard technology is where shapers are turning for higher performance and better value. Greenlight has been working with this advanced material for over a decade and now that Kelly Slater has converted (and invested in EPS/Epoxy with his Slater Design boards), surfers and shapers can adopt the technology with confidence. Slater engineered the perfect man-made wave. Who better to revolutionize surfboard construction? Through years of research and development in conjunction with a large plastics company, Greenlight has engineered the only EPS foam designed specifically for surfboards. Greenlight Engineered EPS Blanks...

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Surfboard Shaping Philosophies 1st Edition

It's true, surfboard building is a process... Forward: I've recently been teaching a lot of first time boardbuilders in our Shaping Mentor Program and part of that education is explaining my philosophies on the process of board building...which basically pop into my head as I see a student screwing up royally! (Its painful to watch a blank be desecrated by a newbie right after you demonstrate correct technique. Ugh!) Teaching forces me think about the tricks, techniques, and tips I naturally take for granted while making my own boards but are absolutely invaluable to the novice shaper. So far everyone...

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Guy's Shaping Retreat OBX and Kordoury TV

Chicken Petter - Korduroy Specials from on Vimeo.

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