Greenlight's Surfboard Building Philosophies #10 Trouble Free Epoxy Glassing Tips

It looks like glassing your boards with epoxy resin has become the more popular choice over polyester resin based on our records this year. 2-3 years ago we’ve had plenty of experienced poly guys come into the shop stating they’ll never use epoxy for one reason or another. Today most of them have added epoxy to their skill set and some of them now say “I’ll never use polyester resin again! It stinks, it’s weak, it’s hazardous… epoxy’s so much nicer to work with.” Notice I used the words skill set to describe the act of using epoxy. Skill comes from knowledge and...

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New Blank Shipping Boxes Save you Money!

We designed some new heavy duty surfboard blank shipping boxes to hold 5 blanks instead of the standard 4 blanks per box. The boxes are only $20 each and will be added to your shipping invoice.  

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Post Curing Epoxy Resin for Greater Strength

Post Curing Epoxy Resin for Greater Strength By post curing your board with heat, epoxy cross link density improves significantly so that your modulus and elongation both go up - making your glass job more resistant to dings and breaks. To do this takes some equipment and some tests to get it exactly dialed in.   Room temp epoxies generally cure to 90% full cure in 24 hours...they creep to full cure over a time period of one week (7 days) at 77F. Every 10F added reduced the cure by 1/2 the time.  So 87F complete cure time is 3.5 days, 97F...

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Making a wood surfboard from a live tree video

Our friend Kyle Meloy send us this video showing his process of creating a hollow wood surfboard from a live cedar tree! We're super impressed with Kyle's skill and DIY spirit.. Check it out  

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Greenlight Engineered EPS Surfboard Blank Catalog Available Online

Greenlight Engineered EPS Surfboard, SUP, and Wakesurf Blank Catalog Available Online

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