Making a wood surfboard from a live tree video

Our friend Kyle Meloy send us this video showing his process of creating a hollow wood surfboard from a live cedar tree! We're super impressed with Kyle's skill and DIY spirit.. Check it out  

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Greenlight Engineered EPS Surfboard Blank Catalog Available Online

Greenlight Engineered EPS Surfboard, SUP, and Wakesurf Blank Catalog Available Online

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Too Much Volume in Your Surfboard? Try This.

The easiest way to reduce volume of your shape while keeping the rails full is to add another rail band to the deck. Essentially you're "doming" the deck with this rail band and taking foam out of a region that is not critical to the performance of your surfboard. 

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FCS Surfboard Fin Box Types

FCS has a few different fin boxes to choose from. Here's a visual representation of the fin box types if you need help picking what to put in your next board.  Order your FCS fin boxes HERE

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Surfboard Blank Machining Service

Blank Machining Service We can cut your AKU or SHAPE 3D files for boards up to 9'6" x 23" wide. Larger blank cutting machine coming soon! (When we finish building it...) We don't cut boards the same way everyone else does. These are right off the machine. Minimal finishing work on the deck and rails required (no work on the bottom needed). Plus we position PU blanks to keep the deck strong and not randomly cut into a thicker than needed blank resulting in a soft deck and weak board! Contact us for our surfboard machining service

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