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How to Shape and Build Your Own Surfboard

Here you will find the internet's most comprehensive collection of surfboard design, shaping, artwork, fiberglassing, and sanding information and instruction.

Greenlight's Surfboard Design Guide, Surfboard Building Guide, Frequently Asked Questions about Surfboard Building, and Techincal Data Sheets for resin and fiberglass useage applies to all different surfboard shapes as well as wakesurf board, kite board, foil board, kneeboard, windsurfer, or stand up paddle board building. 

Surfboard Design Guide - Surfboard Rails, Rocker, Foil, Template, Concaves, Fin Placement                Surfboard Building Guide - How to shape, glass, sand a surfboard method tips and tricks

Surfboard Building Frequently Asked Questions

 Helpful Charts for Surfboard Building 

How Much Fiberglass Do I Need? Chart

How much fiberglass to glass a surfboard SUP

How Much Resin Do I Need to Glass a Surfboard? Chart

How much resin to glass a surfboard or SUP


Measuring Epoxy Resin by weight chart 2:1 Resin Research Entropy Super Sap

Polyester Catalyst and Surfacing Wax Additive Chart

Surfboard Polyester Resin catalyst, surfacing wax, styrene additive amount chart how much




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