Shipping Information:

Greenlight is always working hard to reduce shipping costs for our customers and innovating new ways to ship products safely and quickly to your door.

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When ordering surfboard and SUP blanks, shipping costs and methods depend on the following:

1. Type of Blank [US Blanks / Common Surf Foam Polyurethane (PU) Blanks vs. Greenlight EPS Blanks]

US Blanks and Common Surf Foam Polyurethane (PU) Blanks are considered "oversized" and must ship in a large box via freight truck. The freight companies have a minimum charge to pickup from our shop and deliver to you and add additional cost for the total weight of the shipment. Since surfboard and SUP blanks are very light, it costs the same to ship 1 blank or 12 blanks...

2. If you want to glue up your Greenlight EPS Blanks (6'10" and under) - See Chart Below. Shipping Costs is reduced up to 75% the freight price.


Surfboard foam blank shipping cost

1. Shipping blanks that are already glued up:

Products or orders too large (like blanks that are glued up) to ship via FedEx or UPS will be delivered to you via common carrier on a full size tractor trailer. This type of shipping is different than FedEx and UPS, and one difference is that you are responsible for taking the product off of the back of the truck and into your home or business. After your item has shipped via common carrier, we will email you tracking information so you can prepare for the delivery.

The important thing to remember about common carrier deliveries is that you should sign for your shipment after you have checked to make sure that it arrived to you safely and have noted of any issues on the delivery receipt! If the packaging shows any evidence of a problem (like holes or a severe bend in the box or already opened box), drivers are able to wait up to 15 minutes while you inspect individual items for any damage, and make sure the correct amount of pieces were delivered.

If any item is clearly damaged or missing, or if you have any doubt about any item being damaged or missing, you MUST do the following:

  • Note it clearly on the delivery receipt before signing (ie - "missing 3 pieces", "holes in packaging", "chuck out of blank", etc).
  • Keep your copy of the delivery receipt.
  • Contact us within 1 business day.
  • Keep the damaged packing materials for inspection.
  • Take pictures of the damaged items and packaging.

If part or all of your shipment is damaged and you did not note this in any way on the proof of delivery, we CANNOT guarantee any compensation for damages. By signing your name on the delivery receipt without noting any damages, you are stating that you have received your shipment in acceptable condition.

2. You glue up your PU or EPS Blanks with our easy process and tools before shaping your board(s)

Greenlight's engineering team has developed ways to deliver surfboard blanks to your door for much less than via freight truck by shipping them split in half. You glue the stringer in like we would at our factory..

By gluing the blank up yourself with our patent pending process, you save up to 75% on freight charges. Blanks 6'6" and under are the least expensive to ship as UPS charges an additional "oversize" charge for blanks over 6'7"-6'10". Longer EPSblanks must go via common carrier freight and we will glue them up for you.


  • If purchasing (1) single EPS foam blank, definitely choose to glue it up yourself to save a lot of money. 
  • If purchasing (2) blanks please contact us for a quote. It may be cheaper for us to glue up and ship freight depending on the length of the blanks you want. We'll always do our best to keep the costs down as low as possible.
  • If purchasing 3 or more blanks please keep in mind we can fit (4) blanks in a box and ship a total of 12 blanks for the same cost as three blanks. It's always a smart move to get as many blanks as you can to reduce the shipping cost per blank.

Shipping to Canada? You must read this!

We can ship all products including Blanks and Resins to Canada. Shipping rates for small packages are calculated in the store's checkout.

Shipping Blanks to Canada via Freight Truck?
(US Blanks, Common Surf Foam, or more than 1 Greenlight EPS Blank)
If shipping blanks please email us for a shipping quote as we work with several cross-border freight companies to find the best price for you.
We offer two options:

1. We ship to one of the following freight centers in New York State for you to pick up and drive back over the border. There is a small warehouse fee for these freight centers. You clear through customs at the border.

Freeport ForwardingChamplain, NY

Bee Line Logistics - Champlain, NY

CBI - Niagra, NY

2. Ship to your residence or a commercial address in Canada. This requires a Customs Broker and higher freight fees. 

*10/01/16 - Greenlight has made a deal with UPS Freight for only $4 USD customs brokerage charge (plus duty and tax). It saves you $30 on customs brokerage compared to other services. 

Important information: When you shipment of surfboard blanks enters Canada you will receive a phone call asking who your customs broker is. Please tell them UPS Freight is your customs broker and they will only charge you $4 to clear the shipment through customs.

International Shipping Information

Our webstore automatically calculates international shipping costs based on the weight of your package. 

Use our Import duty and tax calculator for additional tax costs for shipping to your country.

At this time we cannot resins, resin additives, or surfboard blanks and kits to international addresses.