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What is the best way to blend the cut lap when doing a resin tint without fading the color?

 Could I do this (I hope I can explain this idea alright): lets say I am making a noserider with 6+4 bottom and 6+6+4 top. Could I theoretically laminate the 6 cloth on the bottom with the tinted resin, press the cut lap into the foam, laminate the entire deck with tinted resin, then after the cut lap on the bottom is cut, laminate the 4 cloth with clear resin on the bottom and then cut that where the hard edge of the cut lap is so it ends up leveling out? How would that turn out if it did work? Is there a better way to do it?

For a continuous color deck and bottom make a "master batch" of resin with the color in it. 

Pour half into a clean container and put a lid on it. 

Mix the hardener in the first bucket of resin and laminate the bottom - 1 layer of glass. Cut lap that on the deck.

Then mix hardener in the second color resin bucket and laminate the deck - 1 later. Cut that at the bottom cut lap. 

Then laminate the bottom clear free lap - sand the lap flush with deck

Then laminate the deck clear free lap - sand the lap flush with bottom