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What does the "cloth yardage multiplier" column means in the resin amount per board length chart


The Cloth Yardage Multiplier is  (1) how much resin I needed to properly saturate the cloth being used, and (2) how much resin beyond that is needed to create a good lamination with good technique. The cloth yardage multiplier is just the # of yards of cloth used, and that gets multiplied by the cloth sq yd weight. That basically should give an approximate(!) amount of resin that the cloth itself will be holding once it's properly saturated without any dry spots and without any excess. Then there's a 2 different buffer amounts added to that to allow a realistic amount to work with so that the laminator isn't working the cloth or resin too much, wrecking the cloth weave and/or introducing too much air into the resin (particularly for epoxy), which gives the minimum and suggested amounts. 

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