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For the gloss coat, if I understand the chart, I need to do the same as the hotcoat -->Resin+surfacing wax and add styren (no need of MEKP catalyst because I use UV resin)?

Correct, a gloss is the same as a hotcoat but with styrene added to thin the resin so it flows flat. I know some guys prefer to do gloss coats with MEKP catalyst and let cure inside nstead of UV cure resin because it allows more time for wax to rise to the surface during cure. This helps sand and polish the glosscoat with no swirl marks. You can certainly do a gloss with UV resin as well. Make sure to "flash" the resin in the sun for about 10 seconds to activate hardening then put back in the shade for 10 minutes for the wax to rise. Then back in the sun for a few minutes to fully cure. Same pocess for UV hotcoats.