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I would like to get the Black Label Side bites with FCS base so which fin plugs or boxes should I use?

I have FACTORY / FCS X-2 plugs, how are they installed?

Are the dummy fins in the futures one pass install kit supposed to be canted out 6.5 degrees according to the angle finder?

How much resin and catalyst do you use for installing FCS X-2 fin plugs?

When do you glass on the fins and how do you do it?

Where should I put my fins? How far from the tail and in from the rail?

I installed regular fcs plugs on a board and somehow got a small leak that cause a major delam. What is the pro install fcs X-2 plugs on an epoxy board.

Can i just use the epoxy/hardener that was shipped to glass on fins or do I need to get something else that will work better for glassed on fins. i know i need the roving stuff but is there anything else?

I'm looking for white pigment to add to the fin system so it looks better on the outer rim of the Fcs boxes. What kind of pigment do I use. I've seen resin pigments and then seem tints. Which one is better for the fin boxes with uv cure polyester resin?

I got some resin inside the screw holes when I was installing the fusion plugs and now I can't back them out. Any suggestions?

I broke an FCS plug. How can I repair it?

Do you need separate installation kit for longboard fin boxes or are they the same?

How many fin boxes come in the 9 degree? 0 degree? 3 degree? And 5 degree? in a 1 quantity order?

Should I measure in from the rail line (which is different slightly) or should I measure from the stringer and have slighly more foam between the fin box and the rail on one side?

Where is the best fin placement?

Do you have a mix ratio of resin/hardener/additive F/cab o sil for FCS II fin box install that you can share?

Routing the center plug, I wasn't expecting the resistance on the stringer and I pulled the router up. Needless to say this left a gouge about the size of the bit outside the plug outline. Any suggestions for filling in this void/hole around the plug?

I'm a beginner. Futures fin boxes look difficult and expensive to install. Do I really need the install kit?

I drilled the holes for the FCS plugs after shaping and sanding but before glassing ...apparently i was supposed to drill the holes after the board was glassed and hot coated.

I have a 10.5" centerfin box. I'm guessing the center tab gets removed so a fin can slide into the box?

I bought the resin research 2000 epoxy from you guys. Can I use them to set in fcs x-2 plugs or do I need quick kick stuff?

I wan to make fins. Do you know how make layers of fiberglass cloth are required to get the right thickness so the base will be thick enough to go into a normal fin single fin base? Also how much resin?

PU and EPS boards both get hot in the sun. Why do EPS boards *need* vents? More air volume? resin bonding to substrate in a EPS/Epoxy combo not as robust as with PU/PE or PU/Epoxy?

Do these vented leash plugs need to be replaced as a maintenance item like Goretx? e.g. replace the vented leash plug every 5 years

How do I position the center fin box from the tail? How many inches from the tail to the center of the box?

Hello I did buy some of your products and I am trying to reshape and old surf board but I dont want to remove my FCS fins, how should I glass it without taking the fins out?

First time doing fin plugs. For fcs fusion and using epoxy quick do I need to add anything to the mixture like cab-o-sil or is the quick epoxy ok?

Will the futures one pass kit work with the Bosch trim router?

What's the fcs type that's the first one ever made, not the click in one?

The EPS foam melted when installing FCS X-2. What did I do wrong?

How to install Futures fin boxes

I'm shaping a 7'6 funboard and I'm planning to make it single fin. Now is the time to order my single fin box and I was wondering if you could help me. Which on is the best for a funboard; 8.5'' of 10.5'' fin box?

When do you install the 10.5" centerfin box? Before laminating or after the hotcoat?

What are "football patches" for fin boxes and how do I make them?

Do I need to buy cabosil for the fin box/leash plug installation? Or can I make due with the less congealed resin/hardener mix?

I am curious if there is good method to create futures compatible plywood fins

Twin fin / Keel placement?

How do I install a 10.5" longboard centerfin box?

What is the difference between the old style and new style Future fins boxes?

How do I figure out where to put the fins on my board?

What is the difference between futures center boxes and side boxes?

If I'm using fcs II fin boxes with a five degree can't is it still necessary to can't them at five degrees? Is cab-o-sil required to install the boxes on an eps blank?

Do the FCS X-2 / FACTORY fin plugs have any built in cant? Or do I need to factor in cant when I install?

I'm currently on the hotcoat stage of my board moving on to the gloss coat and wondering would it be better to install the fin plugs before or after the gloss coat?

I am shaping a board with eps and rr 2000 epoxy. Planning on installing fcs x2 plugs but I've read a bit about melting foam. If I use glass inside the hole, make the hole snug and use ice packs should I be fine? Do you recommend doing a two part pour?

I think I set my fin boxes in backwards. The little Allen screw is facing the tail. Should be the other way right ? Any suggestions?

I laminated my board and I get some air bubbles close to the fins box. When I sanded the air bubbles open up. How can I fix it?

The epoxy resin is sinking through the futures fins box ILT slots. Is it exotherming and eating foam away?

Can I install fin boxes at the same time as laminating the bottom of my board?

FCS II and FCS Fusion router jig alignment with the right and left side of the board

What is the easiest finbox or fin system to install?

When setting an fcsII fin box is the flange supposed to be level with the board or is it supposed to sit .5-1mm below?

I want to put quad fins with a center fin on my wake surf board and when I went to route the center fin the template was not flat on the board because of the double concave I put in

How to install FACTORY and FCS X-2 fin plugs

When installing the fin boxes on a double concave board, would it be better to level out the fin box but have one side slightly sticking out from the foam or should I install the fin boxes flush with the foam but lose a couple degrees of cant?