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Surfboard Fin Boxes Selection Guide

Surfboard Fin Boxes Selection Guide

Surfboard Fin Boxes and Install Kits for FCS fins, Future Style fins, Longboard Center fins, and Glass-on fins.

Finbox System Selection Guide:

The most affordable finbox system to install into a surfboard is FCS X-2 or FACTORY fin plugs. They are installed after you sealcoat your board, before sanding. All you need is a power drill, install drill bit, Quickset jigs, and install dummy fins. Use the X-2 or FACTORY plugs with FCS twin tab fins. Great fin system for beginners but not the strongest...

FCS II fin system is the latest innovation from Surf Hardware International and features a screwless click-in fin mounting mechanism. This fin box is very strong and installed right into the foam shape before laminating. When sanding the sealcoat the fin box channels will be exposed to allow a fin to press in. Installing the FCS II fin system requires a routerFCS II install template and pattern bit, and FCS II install dummy fins. The FCSII fin boxes are sold in pairs in a few cant degrees - 0 degree, 3 degree, 5 degree, and 9 degree. See our Surfboard Design Guide for more info on surfboard fin cant and how if affects the performance of the surfboard. The FCSII fin boxes are designed for FCS II screwless fins but also can be used with FCS dual tab fins with special fin adapter.

FCS Fusion is another strong and easy to install pre-lamination fin box, just like the FCS IIs but for FCS twin tab fins with screws. This fin box is a slightly different shape and is to be installed with the FCS Fusion Install Kitrouter, and install dummy fins

Futures Style fin boxes are made for futures fins and are another fin system that is installed in the foam shape before fiberglassing the bottom of the board. Installing the futures style fin boxes requires a router and special install kit.

Center fin channel boxes come in two lengths, 10.5" and 8.5" and are installed into longboards, stand up paddle boards, and single fin surfboards to accept a center fin with screw and plate to lock the fin in position. They are install with a center fin install kit and router. Center fin channel boxes allow the fin to slide back and forth to dial in the turning performance of the surfboard or stand up paddle board. These center fin boxes are also used in foilboards to attach the foil mast to the surfboard.

Glass-on fins are old school style and provide great dynamic response as they are connected directly to the surfboard with fiberglass. Glass-on fins are glassed on after the lamination and before the sealcoat with fin roving and multiple layers of fiberglass running up each side of the fin to make them part of the board.

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