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swallow tail surfboard shape

How to Design and Shape a Swallow Tail Surfboard

We frequently get asked if there are templates available for shaping a swallow tail.
There are no standard fish tail templates available as the width of the tail pod varies from board to board and the depth of the swallow depends on the shaper's performance intention. Swallow tails release water and reduce drag through the mid line of the board and the surface area (or lack of surface area in this instance) affects the water flow and performance....
That being the case, most shapers use the nose section of the outline template to draw the swallow shape. This is a cool little trick to keep all the curves the same on the board.
Here's a list of other objects used to create a swallow tail shape in your surfboard. Basically you can also use anything round...
  • Trash can lid
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Dinner plate 
  • Paint can
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