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FCS II Keyless Surfboard Fin Box System

Product image 1FCS II Keyless Surfboard Fin Box System
Product image 2FCS II Keyless Surfboard Fin Box System
Product image 3FCS II Keyless Surfboard Fin Box System
Product image 4FCS II Keyless Surfboard Fin Box System
Product image 5FCS II Keyless Surfboard Fin Box System
Product image 6FCS II Keyless Surfboard Fin Box System

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FCS II Surfboard Fin Boxes 

Side Fins are sold as sets of two (1 left, 1 right)

Available in the following Colors:

White - Black - Charcoal Gray - Reef Blue 

The FCS II surfboard fin system is the strongest and highest performing finbox on the market to day. Simple pre-glass finbox installation makes a tight foam-to-foam connection for optimal torsion strength that just might be the difference between continuing your session after a collision with something or having to replace your finbox.

When paired with fins from the new FCS II Essential Series Fins, it’s now possible to install and remove your fins in seconds, without the need for any screws or tools. an aerospace grade titanium spring loaded rod locks the fin base into the fin box which improves surfing performance by transferring energy from the surfer's pressure on the board straight to the fin without any delay from a looser finbox to fin connection, like a glass-on fin. 

Requires the FCS II router jig and pattern bit for installation

Available in the following cant degrees:

0 degree (center fin)
3 Degree (typically used as quad rears for more drive)
5 Degree (typically used as quad rears, or create more drive as front fin cant)
9 Degree (typically used as front fins for looser turns and control)


Ask a Question
  • I believe for the tri fin setup I order #2 canted fins and they come automatically 1 left and 1 right and order #1 0 canted fin for the center fin? Correct?

    Yes that is correct. The FCS II fin boxes come in a set of left and right side fins, the center fin box has no cant built in (0 degree cant)

  • Which quantity and degree should I purchase for a standard thruster shortboard

    The degree of cant in the fin box depends on how you want the board to perform.

    Choose 5 degree fin cant for faster, down the line surfing. Choose 9 degree fin cant for more turning ability as the fin pivots quicker at a higher degree.

    You'll need a 0 degree centerfin box too of course for the tri fin set.

    For quad fins choose 9 degree for the front fins and 5 degree or 3 degree for the rear fins depending on your speed vs. turning preference. 

    More info on fin cants, toe in, and positions on a surfboard can be found in our Surfboard Design Guide

  • which degree do you think i should get for a retro twin fin

    Use 3 degree cant FCSII fin boxes for a retro keel fins

  • How would FCSII system be installed on a board with a dark pigmented bottom?

    Yes install the FCS II fin boxes after laminainting the board with pigment then laminate a 4 oz fiberglass tail patch with clear resin over them.

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