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Do you ship Internationally?

Can you tell me what your blank shipping rate is? I know it's the same for 1-8 boards. I need to price out some customers boards.

Do you ship surfboard blanks and resin internationally?

I'm looking to order a blank and some other materials, does the blank price listed include shipping? And if not, what would the cost of shipping it be?

What is the shipping cost for a non-glued up EPS blank? I think I read that you can ship those via UPS, correct?

When can I expect to receive my order?

How much does it cost to ship blanks?

I was wondering if I could just pick up the surfboard blanks from your location instead of having them shipped?

Do you ship to Canada?

Is there a cheap way to get blanks to Quebec?

If I order a Surfboard Kit - can I pick it up at your store/warehouse and avoid shipping costs?

Would you be able to put one blank aside for me?

I have a business account with US Blanks down in Florida but understand that you are a distributer for them. Would It be possible for me to pay USBlanks down in FL for my order, then have them sent them up to you where I can drive down and pick them up?

Can I come into the store and purchase a blank or do I have to order online first?

How much is shipping?

How much is shipping 2 EPS blanks?

I want to return my order

I am from canada and i saw that you can ship blanks here but i saw that you send them in 2 pieces does it come with the stringner and the glue?

Why does it cost more ship US Blanks?

Where is my order?