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Why does it cost more ship US Blanks?

Unfortunately the shipping companies do not just weigh the order. They've devised what's called Dimensional Weight = (Length X Width X Height)/194. The large dimensions of the blanks (even shortboards) make the weight look like 100+lbs and therefore expensive to ship. They have to be moved on a tractor trailer and are called "freight". 

We work with multiple freight companies to negotiate the lowest possible shipping costs possible for you on every surfboard blank order.


But Greenlight has developed a way to ship Engineered EPS Surfboard Blanks under 6'6" to your door with UPS Ground for about 60% less cost than a freight truck. We ship the blank to you unglued to make the package smaller. Our EPS blanks have flat edges so glue up is really easy with clamps or even just stack the pieces vertically on the floor and apply pressure while the glue dries.