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Is there a cheap way to get blanks to Quebec?

1. We can ship to one of the following freight centers on the US border for you to pick up and drive back over the border. There is a small warehouse fee for these freight centers. You clear through customs at the border. This saves a lot of shipping cost for you as the freight companies almost double the fees to get your products across the border and deliver to you.

NEW SEPT 2017! Have your blanks shipped to a warehouse with the KinekPoint Service! Dozens of warehouses on the US border we can ship to.

Freeport Forwarding - Champlain, NY (Approx 1 hour from downtown Montreal)

Bee Line Logistics - Champlain, NY

Pinnacle Parcels - Richford, VT

Shiretown Package and Receiving - Houlton, ME

CBI - Niagra, NY