G-Rasp Surfboard Shaping Tool - PVC Plastic

G-Rasp Surfboard Shaping Tool - PVC Plastic


  • $ 39.95

Greenlight G-Rasp Surfboard Shaping Tool

The G-Rasp is a 12" x 4" wide surfboard shaping rasp tool embedded with an aggressive array of 16 grit carbide chips to effortlessly remove foam from your blank 3X more efficiently than a surform or sanding block.
Use for cutting and fine tuning rail bands, removing planer marks on the deck and bottom, and dialing in foil and bottom contours. 
Clog-free design suitable for both EPS and Polyurethane foam blanks.

Note: Not for heavy use on stringers or on the hard outer skin of PU blanks - This is a tool for shaping Foam!

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