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What is Engineered EPS Surfboard Blanks?

What is the difference between EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and Polyurethane (PU) Foam?

What is an EPS blank?

How much does a custom EPS blank cost?

What is a PU foam blank?

How much does a custom US Blank Cost?

What size blank should I get for my design?

Can I buy a stringerless EPS blank and have you guys split it in half and ship FedEX cheaper?

What density foams do you stock?

I am about to shape my first board with my 11 year old son who is doing it for a school project and I wasn't sure what the letter means after the board length. What does the S, U, and F stand for?

If i buy a surfboard blank do i just need to draw the shape I want and then cut it out?

I noticed your 6'3"EPS blank is similar to the Marko pescado dimensions. I can't tell without a top profile picture, is the nose flat across or already rounded? I'm making a board with a squash nose.

My son is interested in shaping his first board. He's looking for a 6' 2" board and starter kit. He is located in NJ, can you recommend a blank and shapers starters kit?

Would there be a way for me to order a longboard blank made with reverse rocker from you guys so I can shape a noserider?

I am looking to copy a Bing Gold Standard 9-2. I also am going to make an 8-0 funboard and another 5-6 mini simmons. What blanks would you recommend that I order? Also, what fiberglass do you recommend for the longboard?

I had a few questions on the US Blanks. Is the outline already cut-out or does it come as a rectangular piece of foam/EPS

You have stock list for blanks? I'm looking to swing down and grab a handful for a quick batch of short orders in the next week or so.

what is the difference in Foam US Blanks /EPS/ Common Surf Foam

Does it cost $150/185 to ship 1 blank to my house

How to I glue the blank and stringer together? Where do I look for this information?

So you sell skimboard blanks?

Do you sell wakesurf board blanks?

I’ve never used EPS foam and understand that it takes some getting used to. What tools would you recommend? I’ve heard it’s best to use a planer with a drum as opposed to a blade?

I know you guys have a hot wire cutter I was just wondering if you did custom outlines and if so what program and/or file format do you need? What's the cost?

Do I need to vent EPS foam boards?

I'm building a noserider longboard. I understand that increased tail rocker and decreased nose rocker can be helpful for noseriders but was wondering if you had some input.

I have one of your EPS blanks. Before I glass it does it need to be sealed in any way? I have seen different things and just want to make sure. Thanks, I love the blank.

I just finished gluing the stringer and the foam blanks together, it is not perfectly aligned.

Do I need to seal your engineered EPS blanks with spackle?

How would I know which blank to buy, as that is the first important step?

Why is your Engineered EPS foam so special? Is it "super fused"

What kind of glue should I use to glue my blank up?

What is EPS blank "tear out" I hear about?

Need advice for how to fix my stringer and foam glue up. There is a gap between the stringer and foam.

How do I order a custom EPS foam blank?

Any tips for getting the stringer glue off your fingers?

I am curious which way I should go on the stringer. Foam or wood? Which is stronger and has better resistance to snapping?

When I glued the EPS blank there is a small gap between in the stringer and foam in certain places. Is it a serous issue?

Do I need to spackle my EPS blank?