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What is Engineered EPS Surfboard Blanks?

Consistent High Quality

Greenlight has teamed up with a major plastics manufacturer to design the optimal bead and compression process for EPS surfboards to improve surfboard strength, flex, practical weight, and shapability. We've even engineered the rocker and foils in our blank selection to yield any board you can imagine with the least amount of effort by hand or machine.

Our engineered EPS Blanks can also be customized to any thickness for a super close tolerance blank that requires very little shaping without the expense of paying for a machine shape. 

Greenlight's Engineered EPS Blanks Advantages:


  • Reduced Bead Tear out
  • when Shaping by Hand
  • or Machine
  • Low Resin Absorption
  • Calculated Rocker and Foil Designs
  • Completely Customizable
  • Quick Turn Around Time