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I am looking to copy a Bing Gold Standard 9-2. I also am going to make an 8-0 funboard and another 5-6 mini simmons. What blanks would you recommend that I order? Also, what fiberglass do you recommend for the longboard?

For the 9'2" go with the US Blanks 93Y or 94B depending on the rocker you want to get. I'm not familiar with the Gold Standard rocker but my guess would be the 93Y.
US Blanks 84SP for the funshape and either a US Blanks 510RP or 6'2A for the mini simmons depending on your preference of nose rocker (510 more, 62A less..)
2 layers 6 oz deck / 1 layer 6 oz bottom for the longboard... or if you wanted to keep it lighter for your girl to carry you can do a 6/4 deck.