Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent

Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent


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Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent

Add to Silmar 249B Polyester Resin  to make a poly "hotcoat/sanding resin" to allow an easier sanding finish. The recommened amount is 2 oz. surfacing wax per gallon on resin (approx. 1/2 cc per oz.)

You can make your own polyester gloss resin by adding styrene to your own hotcoat/sanding resin. No need to buy another gallon of poly "hotcoat/sanding resin" when you can make it yourself!


Available in the following quantities:

2 oz.
4 oz.
16 oz.
32 oz.
1 Gallon

Download Greenlight's General Polyester Catalyst and Surfacing Wax Additive Chart

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