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UV Solar Cure Polyester Surfboard Resin

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UV Solar Cure Polyester Surfboard Resin

UV Solar Cure poly resin contains a curing catalyst that is activated by UV rays from the sun or ultra-violet bulbs. Water clear polyester resin cures in about 3 minutes when exposed to sunlight. Take as much time as you need to laminate and hotcoat in a shaded area and bring the board into the sunlight to cure.
  • For fin box and leashplug installation, and when working with color resin tints and pigments, use MEKP Catalyst  for curing the resin since UV rays will not completely penetrate the resin in those situations. You can use 1% MEKP in the UV resin to give you more time to laminate.

Save money and simply add Surfacing Wax  to make your own hotcoat/sanding resin and gloss resin (+Styrene). No need to buy a separate gallon of poly sanding or gloss resin that will go bad in a short time!

How to successfully hotcoat with UV Sun Cure resin:

Mix surfacing wax with the UV cure resin and hotcoat as normal. "Flash" the hotcoat in the sun for about 10 second to initiate the cure and bring back inside for 10 minutes to let the wax rise to the top and harden. Then put the board back in the sun for 3 minutes to fully cure your hotcoat.

If you do not "flash" the hotcoat and cure the resin before the wax rises it will remain sticky and not be sandable.  

*Polyester resin has a 6 month shelf life. Please use the resin within 5 months of purchase to be sure it it fresh.

Download Greenlight's General Polyester Catalyst and Surfacing Wax Additive Chart

Download Greenlight's Resin Amounts per Board Length Chart 



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  • Just to clarify, would I layup in sunlight working quickly, or under proper uv protection then moving to sun once done?

    Always use the UV Sun cure polyester resin in a shaded area and bring the board out in the sunlight to cure. As soon as the resin is exposed to UV rays it starts curing. Takes about 3 minutes in the sun to fully cure.

  • Going to use this on an mdf enclosure to waterproof it. It will be painted . Does this require a catalyst if it is not going to be used on a traditional surfboard application?

    As long as the sun's UV rays can hit the resin no catalyst is needed for the resin to cure. For surfboards, when installing fin boxes and leash plugs MEKP catalyst is required since the UV rays will not shine in the pockets.

  • Is this product suitable for silicone mold resin jewelry to be cured with a UV (nail) lamp?

    Yes the UV cure polyester resin will cure under a UV nail lamp radiation.

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