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Polyester Resin Styrene Additive

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Polyester Resin Styrene Additive

Adding Styrene monomer to unsaturated polyester resin like our Silmar 2880 or 250B helps to reduce the viscosity of the resin and makes it easier to work with. 

You can add up to 50% volume styrene to resin but it is recommended to use only as much as you need to reduce the viscosity to retain full cure strength.

Add styrene to Silmar 2880 Polyester Resin with Surfacing Wax to make your own poly "gloss resin".

We also recommend adding Styrene to your hotcoat/sanding resin to make gloss resin (lays flatter the thinner it is)

Available in 2 oz, 4 oz, or 16 oz. bottles

Download Greenlight's Polyester Resin Additive Chart

SHIPPING NOTICE: Continental US and Canada shipping only. We cannot ship chemicals to Hawaii or Internationally. (But we're working on it!).