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Mini Surfboard Hobby Kit

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Mini Surfboard Hobby Kit

Shaping surfboards is not black magic or difficult like some people will have you believe. That is exactly why we put together this amazing Surfboard Shaping Mini Kit.

Every surfer should experience the feeling of shaping and glassing their own surfboard at least once in their lifetime. 

Now you can have that experience and accomplish it over a weekend!

Everything you need to shape and glass your mini surfboard is included in this kit, even the fins.

Have fun building your first surfboard over a few days and shock your friends and family with you newly developed skills.

Kit includes:

1. (1) foam blank with wood stringer *Bonus 2 more blanks to practice shaping on!

2. Greenlight Epoxy Resin

3. (2) sheets fiberglass cloth (One bottom, one deck)

4. (4) 1 oz. graduated resin mixing cups

5. (2) sealcoat brushes

6. Laminating squeegee

7. Sanding stick and sandpaper

8. Latex Gloves

9. (3) mini surfboard fins

8 Steps to Building Your Mini Hobby Surfboard Kit Here

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