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Mini Surfboard Hobby Kit

How to make a surfboard in 8 simple steps

1. Shape the foam surfboard blank with the 80 grit sandpaper provided. Learn how to shape rail bands and round the rails in the shaping section of our Surfboard Building Guide.

2. Cut and laminate the fiberglass cloth to the bottom of your foam shape using epoxy resin. The resin provided in the kit to be mixed 2 parts Resin to 1 part Hardener.

Use a clean 1 oz graduated mixing cup to measure the proper amount of resin for each batch. We recommend mixing 15ml total per batch for laminating and seal coating (10 ml Resin and 5 ml Hardener). Mix for at least 2 minutes scraping the sides and bottom of the cup to ensure proper curing.

3. Lightly sand the edge of the cured fiberglass so it is close to flush with the foam.

4. Cut and laminate fiberglass cloth to the bottom, same as step #2.

5. Mix epoxy resin and brush onto the deck and rails. This is called seal coating...

6. Sealcoat the bottom of the board. Same as step #5

7. Sand the sealcoat with 80 grit to make everything flat. Continue sanding with 150 grit or spray the board with clear coat to make it shiney.

8. Mix epoxy resin and pour out on wax paper, making a small puddle of resin to dip the bottom of the fin bases in. Adhere the fins to the bottom of the surfboard in the tail area. Let cure. You're done!

 For more detailed information on the entire surfboard building process please read our free Surfboard Building Guide and Surfboard Design Guide