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What is included in the beginner surfboard shaping kit?

Our beginner surfboard shaping and wakesurf board buidling kits include everything you need to get started shaping boards at home by hand. All the materials, tools, instructions, safety equipment, and support. All you need extra is wood and screws to build your shaping racks. We even give you padding for the shaping racks you build and a free outline template of your choice from our Template Library.

The only thing not included is the fin boxes and fin install supplies since that is a personal preference and usually depends on what type of fins you currently own.

The beginner kits come with an Engineered EPS blank and epoxy resin with slow hardener so you can take your time and build a stronger board that will last (most people keep their first shape as a memory of the fun) and it's much less toxic and smelly than glassing with polyester resin so you can do it in your garage or basement without stinking the whole house up!

We ship the beginner kits to your door with UPS to reduce the shipping costs.. you will glue the blank halves and stringer together in a simple process. Here's a video of how to glue your blank to save about $100+ in shipping costs!

Surfboard first time shaping kit