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Surfboard Shaping Kits for Everyone!

Santa has agreed to deliver our Surfboard Shaping Starter Kits for Free this year instead of UPS charging $50-$75 for shipping (which is actually incredibly low for shipping a surfboard blank due to our patent pending shipping process). As a special bonus we're including our Greenlight Shaping Tool Pack* as and free upgrade today - a $125 value!

OFFER ENDS 11:59 tonight or while supplies last

*Free Shaping Tool Pack upgrade will not show in checkout but will be shipped with your kit.

What's in the Kit?

The Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit is a popular item among first-time shapers as it includes all the materials, tools, instruction, and support needed to successfully build a good looking board that is a blast to ride. Greenlight excels at developing innovative tools and methods designed to relieve some of the “skill” required to shape a good surfboard. We understand not everyone has experience working with hand tools but that shouldn’t stop them from being able to get stoked on shaping their own boards. So our engineering team analyzed the troubles first-time shapers had with conventional wood-working tools and developed surfboard shaping specific tools to eliminate problems which we are including for FREE if you order today!

Can I even shape a board?

Even average surfers deserve an exceptional experience... Greenlight caters to the average surfer who wants to expand his/her surfing experience (and save a lot of money) by shaping their own surfboards at home. The higher connection of surfer to board to wave can only be achieved on a board that is shaped to your personal style and preferences. No one makes that connection easier than Greenlight.

Customer Testimonials:

NOT AS HARD AS I THOUGHT ~ Rich Hopewell on Oct 15, 2015

I was hesitant to try to shape my own board but the Greenlight guys really helped me out along the way if I was stuck or had a question. I did get mezmerized by shaping the foam and made it a little thinner than intended (one of greenlight's no-no's in the video I think they say something like 'more foam more fun' and don't overshape) but it turned out fine anyway and I love surfing my new board! Highly recommend!


LOVE IT! ~ Chuck Lordes on Apr 01, 2016

I bought a beginner kit from you and made myself a mini simmons. Loved the process, loved the product.


FUN ~ Chase on Apr 15, 2016

Got my first kit from you guys at Christmas this past year and ended up making one of the more fun boards I've had lately. Looking forward to more!


Order your Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit Today and take advantage of the FREE Shipping and FREE Greenlight Shaping Tools upgrade.

Today, 12/15 is the only day this offer is available so order now and start shaping your surfing experience with Greenlight!

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