The Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit

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Greenlight has developed this deluxe surfboard building starter kit to make it easy for all surfers, of any age or ability, to build a quality, more sustainable, fun to ride surfboard. 


We manufacture all Engineered EPS Surfboard Blanks per order allowing for optimal customization to make shaping easier, faster, and with less dust.

Due to high demand please allow 2 weeks before pick up notification or shipping.

Haven't built a surfboard before? No Problem! We got you covered! 

Our instructional videos not only give you the knowledge and confidence to build great surfboards, but also go so far to show you situations to avoid during the building process that would normally ruin your efforts.

No expensive power tools necessary, no special shaping bay either. These videos get back to the basics of soulful garage shaping.

You'll definitely discover a deeper connection with your surfing experience and attain a new level of stoke riding surfboards you built with this kit!

Deluxe Surfboard Building Kit Includes: 

  1. Instructional Video
  2. EPS Surfboard Blank
  3. Surfboard Glassing Materials Package
  4. Shaping Tool Kit
  5. Glassing Tool Kit
  6. Surfboard Fin Plugs & Install Kit

1. Instructional Video:

  • Greenlight's Instructional Shaping Video - Evolved to instill knowledge and confidence to shape a great board your very first time (Download link will be emailed to you within 1 hour of order)

 2. Choose Your EPS Surfboard Blank:

Product image shows a custom blank, contact us to customize your kit blank. Otherwise choose a stock surfboard blank from the following sizes:

  • 5'9" for Hi Performance shortboards
  • 5'10" for Fish, Biscuit, and high volume shortboards
  • 6'3" for 5'10 - 6'3" Fish style boards
  • 6'5" for larger Fishes, Eggs, or Anything up to 6'5"
  • 7'6" for Funshapes, Midlengths, and Mini Longboards (additional shipping costs apply being over 6'5")

3. Surfboard Glassing Materials Package:

4 oz. Fiberglass Cloth - Standard glassing schedule of 2 layers deck / 1 layer bottom

Greenlight Epoxy Resin with Slow Hardener - Specifically formulated for surfboards and plenty of working time so you get it right the first time.

FACTORY Leash Plug

4 Sheets Ink Jet / Laser Printer Custom Logo Paper - Create your own surfboard logos

4. Surfboard Shaping Tool Kit:

Greenlight G-rasp Tool

Greenlight Rasputin Tool

Greenlight Rail Runner Tool

Mini Stringer Trim Plane

Outline Handsaw

1 sheet Tigershark Shaping Paper

1 sheet Sandshark Sanding Screen for Rails

12" x 9" Foam Sanding Pad

Foam Padding for Shaping Racks

Simple Shaping Rack Dimensioned Plans

Access to Greenlight's Downloadable Outline Templates

5. Surfboard Glassing Tool Kit:

5 pair Latex Gloves

2 Graduated Resin Mixing Buckets

Resin Squeegee

(2) 4" Sealcoat / Hotcoat Brushes

1 Roll Masking Tape

Resin Mixing Stick

2 Sheets 80 Grit Sandpaper

1 Sheet 120 Grit Sandpaper

1 Sheet 150 Grit Sandpaper

2 Sheets 220 Grit Sandpaper

Simple Glassing Rack Dimensioned Plans

6. Fins and Fin Plugs


Fin Plug Quick Set Jigs

Fin Plug Diamond Hole Saw (you'll need a drill to install the fin plugs)

*Fins not included

 Note: All Engineered EPS Blanks are made to order allowing for optimal customization. Due to a high demand please allow 2 weeks before pick up notification or shipping.


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  • Can I request the "US Blank 63EA" as my blank or do I need to use one of the one's from the list?

    Thanks for your interest in Greenlight. In this kit you must select a blank from the drop down list as the kits contain Engineered EPS foam blanks and are packaged to ship for the lowest cost possible (about $50 depending where you are). We recommend the "Shape Up to 6'4" blank in this kit as it is very close to the shape and rocker of US Blanks 63EA.
    If you want a US Blank please order all the materials a la carte and shipping costs will show in the checkout. There is a $20 additional box fee for shipping US Blanks. 
    For more info on blank shipping please read our Shipping Information.

  • I’m shaping and ordering a shaping starter kit, so a recommendation for which fins and fin system to get would be super helpful/awesome.

    For a first timer, the easiest and least expensive fin system to install is FCS X-2 Fin Plugs or FACTORY Fin Plugs 

    You'll need 2 plugs per fin... for a tri fin you'll order 4 RAIL plugs and 2 CENTER Plugs, if you're making a quad fin order 8 RAIL plugs as the RAIL Plugs have a fin cant angle molded in

    FCS X-2 Plugs and FACTORY fin plugs only require a normal power drill, this downloadable fin plug layout template, and this special X-2 holesaw bit.

    Two other fin box options which are installed before fiberglassing your board are:

    FCS Fusion Fin Boxes which require a Fusion Install Kit and Trim Router.

    and new FCS II finbox system which require an FCS II install Kit and Trim Router.

    Here's how to install the X-2 and FACTORY fin plugs with a drill:

    1. FCS X-2 and FACTORY plugs are installed after the hotcoat. After installation and the resin has cured, you sand them down flush with the board while sanding the bottom.
    2. Once you have the fin plug layout templates laid out on the board (lined up with your shapers dots) you will use a X-2 Hole Saw Bit to make your holes for the plugs. Drill the hole 5'8" deep and pull the foam out with needle nose plyers or dig out with a flathead screw driver. 
    3. We suggest using either a set of fins to set the plugs with the correct spacing as well as adjust the fin cant angle. Lightly screw the plugs onto the dummy jig tabs. If using fin keep the plugs loose on the fin tabs so you can push them down to where the "nubs" on the plugs touch the hotcoat.
    4. Use Resin Research 2000 CE ULTRA resin inlcuded in the kit.  In temperatures hotter than 80 degrees F, mix 1/2 oz per plug. You will fill the plug hole twice to reduce exotherm and prevent melting the foam. 
    or you can use Resin Research Quick Kick Epoxy to reduce exotherm and prevent melting the foam.  
    5. Pour about 1/2 oz mixed resin into the holes.
    6. Place the plugs in the holes with the fins to ensure proper alignment. Set the fin cant to the desired angle and hold in place with tape. 
    7. In temps above 80 degrees F, let the first pour cure for about 1 hour then mix another 1/2 oz Quik Kick resin per plug an top off. Using a small cup (dixie cups work great) carefully pour resin around the perimeter of the plug so it runs into the drilled hole. Be careful not to over fill! Fill just under the lip of the plug and jig. 
    8. Once the resin cures sand the plugs down until they are flush with the board.

  • What is included in the beginner surfboard shaping kit?

    Our beginner surfboard shaping kits include everything you need to get started shaping boards at home by hand. All the materials, tools, instructions, safety equipment, and support. All you need extra is wood and screws to build your shaping racks. We even give you padding for the shaping racks you build and a free surfboard outline template of your choice from our Template Library. The only thing not included is the fin boxes and fin install supplies since that is a personal preference and usually depends on what type of fins you currently own and ride. The beginner kits come with an Engineered EPS blank and epoxy resin so you can build a stronger board that will last (most people keep their first shape as a memory of the fun) and it's much less toxic and smelly than glassing with polyester resin so you can do it in your garage or basement without stinking the whole house up! We ship the beginner kits to your door with UPS to reduce the shipping costs. You will glue the blank halves and stringer together in a simple process. Here's a video of how to glue your blank to save about $100 in shipping costs!

  • how thick are the 6'5" blanks. I want to shape my first board but I want some volume and width. Im going for a fat fish.

    The stock 6'5F EPS Foam Blank included in the kit is 3 1/4" thick. We can provide the blank in any thickness you want though in 1/4" increments up to 3 3/4" thick. Just write what blank thickness you prefer in the checkout notes. 

  • What board would be good for me, Im 5’9 190

    The ideal size for the 1st time shaper would be the 6'5" Surfboard Shaping Starter kit . This kit is specifically designed with the beginner shaper in mind and is perfect for a first board.

  • I live in Canada so would prefer to get the blank locally to keep shipping costs down. Do you ship kits without the blank? What is the cost to ship the full kit to Canada?

    The Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit is sold with all of the componants.  If you would like to purchase everything without the blank you will need to purchase everything individually.  You can purchase the fiberglassing kit, and the shaping tools as a set and you will save money!

  • What are the any other materials at all I need to purchase separately to completely shape, glass and finish my surfboard so it's ready to ride? (like fins etc.)

    The Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit comes with all of the materials and tols needed to completely shape your first or next surfboard at home.  You will need to setup shaping stands (we have free dimension listed on our website as well as pre cut stand ready for assembly). The only other item you will need is a set of fins as they are not included with the kits.

  • Is there a way I can accurately copy down the outline and dimensions of a stock board (like one from the DHD online store) that I don’t physically have to my surfboard blank? I was interested in trying to shape a board like the DHD mini twin 2 but I don’t currently have the board physically.

    Yes, you can copy a surfboard outline, rocker and foil with computer software like AKUShaper. How to video here -

  • Since the blank is split lengthwise to save on shipping, if I picked up the kit than could I get the kit with the two pieces already glued together with the stringer in the middle?

    If you select "pickup at shop" as your shipping option for The Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit
    then the factory will glue your blank up for pickup with the stringer included unless the customer would prefer to glue it themselves.

  • If I ordered this kit with the shape up to 6'3" fish or hybrid shortboard how long would it take before I can pick it up?

    The Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit takes approximately 15 days for the Greenlight Surf Supply manufacturing facility to produce. Times can vary based on the time of year due to holiday rush. Many kits are completed much sooner.

  • I'm shaping a fish board that is 6'x19"x2.5". Will the up to 6'3" fish or hybrid shortboard blank work with these dimensions? And just to be clear it comes as a to smaller rectangles and then you glue them together with the stringer in between?

    The Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit at 6'3" would be the perfect kit to purchase to build a fish or hybrid shortboard. It will certainly fit the 6'x19"x2.5" dimensions.

  • Does the surf blank with this starter kit come glued up?

    The blank is shipped split in half for you to glue up. This saves you a ton of money on shipping costs. How to glue up a blank video HERE

  • Does the kit come with a shapers square to assist with measurements and markings on the foam blank? I particularly feel that I will need one, especially for fin placement. Let me know. Thank you!

    The G-square surfboard layout measuring tool is a separate item and can be added to your kit purchase here

  • Does the kit come with dyes to color the board?

    Epoxy Resin Color Tints and Pigments are sold separtely. A lot of colors to choose from...

  • May I switch to 6oz cloth?

    The surfboard shaping stater kits come with 4 oz fiberglass cloth. You can order additional yardage of 6 oz. fiberglass cloth to include in the kit.

  • Hello; can i order a custom Eps blank with this order ?? Thank you guys .

    Thanks for the question. Yes we can make you a custom blank for the Surfboard Shaping Starter Kit. No problem. Anything up to 6'5" and up to 3" thick. Just put a note in the custom blank section of the checkout on your dimensions. You can also email us the specifications and we'll take care of it.

  • Can I switch to single fin box with this kit?

    Email us at

    to customize the contents of your surfboard shaping kit.

  • Can I request the FCS 2 system with install kit instead of the factory fin plugs?

    Sure, we can substitute FCS II fin system for the FACTORY plugs. You can include FCS II fin boxes and install jig as part of the order and we'll refund you the difference in fin plug cost.

  • Hi! Looks like the starter kit is sold out but not sure what the difference is between that and the "board in a box" kit. I'm looking to shape my first board and I need the necessary tools and blank. What do you recommend?

    In addition to our Board-in-a-box kit you can get a shaping tool kit, and some resin mixing buckets, resin spreaders, resin pumps, and some masking tape and you'll have all the basics to complete your first board. You may also need a router or drill and finbox install kit depending on the fin system you choose in the Board-in-a-Box kit. 

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