Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long

Product image 1Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long
Product image 2Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long
Product image 3Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long
Product image 4Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long
Product image 5Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long
Product image 6Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long
Product image 7Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long
Product image 8Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long
Product image 9Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long
Product image 10Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blank 4'0" - 6'5" Long

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Custom Designed Engineered EPS Foam Blanks


We manufacture all Engineered EPS Surfboard Blanks per order allowing for optimal customization to make shaping easier, faster, and with less dust.

Due to high demand please allow 2 weeks before pick up notification or shipping.


Designing a surfboard and Shaping a surfboard are two different things. Design is how well the board performs, Shaping is sculpting an accurate hydrodynamic form of the design. Surfboard Design is easy with a little knowledge, the shaping part is a little harder...

We totally understand the shaping learning curve and have made it easy to shape your design into foam.

So why Design your own custom close tolerance blanks?

1. No power planer needed! Say goodbye the needless action of planing the blank to thickness which has been the standard waste of time for the past 70 years.  Now you don't need to master how to use a power tool on a bunch of wonky shapes before you are actually able to shape correctly...

2. High accuracy outline and rocker. The two most critical aspects of good surfboard performance are done for you on our thermal CNC thermal hotwire cutter so you don't have to stress about shaping it right. 

 3. Reduce the amount dust created in your work space by more than 1/2 compared to shaping a stock blank. 




1. Design your blank with AKUShaper Software, save it, and upload the .BRD file through the "Choose File" button.

Use code "GREENLIGHT" when signing up for 2 months FREE. You can use the 2 week free trial first though...

Here's a detailed instructional video on how to use AKUShaper Software and copy the curves from any popular model board from an image you can find online.

Please note: Your surfboard blank design must be no longer than 10'0" long x 23 3/4" wide x 4" thick. Extreme thickness or rockers may incur additional shipping charges. We'll contact you if your design falls outside our limits of shipping blanks inexpensively and suggest changes needed to reduce shipping costs.


If you're not adding a wood or High Density Foam stringer we recommend using carbon fiber reinforcements with stringerless blanks for flex control and strength.

Contact us for custom stringer glue ups not shown here. Triple stringers, Vee's, butterfly... We can do just about ANYTHING for you!


         Surfboard Stringer Options            


Colored Glue Line

Colored (or clear) glue lines are becoming more popular on EPS blanks. They not only look cool but provide a bit more strength down the centerline of the blank while allowing the foam to flex consistently for a more dynamic surfboard. A glue line is also a great reference for laying out fin positions. 


Basswood is the standard wood type that has been used in surfboard construction for decades. It's light and easy to shape with proper wood tools. The grain is straight, with a fine, even texture and is pale white to light brown color.


Cedar wood is a popular choice for a darker colored stringer look. It is pale brown or tan color and shares similar properties to basswood but provides a really cool look under the glass. Plus, there's nothing like the smell of cedar in your shaping area when building your new board!


High Density (HD) Foam Stringers are the latest stringer technology and offer a more dynamic flex and rebound feel to your board. Similar to Kelly Slater's 'Slater Design / Firewire' boards, the HD foam stringer adds a natural, consistent flex pattern to naturally fit the shape of the wave in a turn, and a powerful spring-like "pop" when releasing the turn. And our HD Foam stringers come in a variety of colors! 

*HD foam stringer blanks will be 23" wide if shipped "the cheap way". Glued up Blanks with HD stringer will be 25" wide. 


Your custom blank will be shipped UPS Ground - the cheapest possible way to get a blank to you. You'll glue it up with the stringer glue provided. We recommend using our Blank Bungee Glue Up Blocks to ensure a perfect glue up if you do not have 24"+ clamps...

The Easy way to Glue up your EPS Blank at Home Video 


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  • It won’t let me see, but how much does it cost for the 4’0-6’5 eps foam blank to be shipped to Southern California?

    All Custom Designed Engeneered EPS Foam Blanks will have the chipping quote at check out based on the buyers address.

  • Great store guys! Closest place to getting materials to MA. I am really interested in the custom cut blanks; however, I use Shape3D. I think that AKUshaper can open a .s3dx file. Would you guys be able to accept that? If not, I can try to figure something out. Thanks again!

    Yes, we can use AKU .brd and Shape3D .s3dx .

  • I have AKU shaper but I can’t figure out how to work it even though I watched the videos and stuff. Is there any way I could just upload a file of a picture of the dimensions for the foam blank I want?

    Yes we can make the AKUshaper file for you from an image of a surfboard. There is a $45 fee for file designs. Email your image and dimensions to

  • Should I be adding 1/8 to 1/4 inch the entire way around the outline, as well as to the bottom and to the top of the board?

    Keep your outline the same width as your final board and add 1/8 "- 1/4" to the thickness to accommodate concaves and the loss of foam when blending rails into the deck.

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