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Custom Blanks

Custom Blanks

Greenlight Surf Supply manufactures Engineered EPS Foam Surfboard Blanks in-house and per-order to allow for optimal customization which reduces your cost, effort, and dust created in your workspace. It's the smartest way to shape...

Benefits of Designing and Shaping Your Own Custom Surfboard Blanks:

1. Less Work
2. Less Dust
3. More Accurate, Symmetrical Outlines
4. Smooth, Continuous Rocker (the most important aspect of design to surf well)
5. You Can Copy Any Surfboard Shape from and Image Online!

Design your blank in AKUShaper Software and we'll precisely cut your design's outline, foil, and rocker. All you have to do is shape the rails and bottom contours! This is an excellent way to copy any popular model surfboard from a big brand without spending big bucks and actually produce a stronger, more durable board with Greenlight materials. (FYI - big surfboard brands like to make "disposable" surfboards so you break them and have to buy more. We don't think that's too cool...)

Watch this Video Tutorial How to Copy any Board from an Image in AKUShaper or we can design your blank for you