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[WAKE/KITE FOIL BOARD SERIES] Wake Foil / Kite Foilboarding Blanks

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Original price
$ 97.25
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We manufacture all Engineered EPS Surfboard Blanks per order allowing for optimal customization to make shaping easier, faster, and with less dust.
Due to high demand please allow 2 weeks before pick up notification or shipping.

About this blank:

These Wake/Kite Foil blanks are designed to be a multi-use board capable of wake foiling and kite foiling. If you install fin boxes as well as the mast insert in this blank you can also use it for wake surfing and kite surfing! Just remove the mast and pop fins in! It's a swiss army knife board for water and wind...

2# Engineered EPS Density

Lengths: 4'1 , 4'7" , 5'3",  5'7"

Thickness: 1 7/8" inches

2 Steps to Order:

Greenlight's flexible manufacturing processes allow you to customize this blank to suit your design and reduce your labor, time, and dust in your workspace.

1. Select Your Blank Length in the Drop Down Menu

2. Select the STRINGER OF YOUR CHOICE in the Drop Down Menu

If you're not adding a wood or High Density Foam stringer we recommend using carbon fiber reinforcements with stringerless blanks for flex control and strength.

Contact us for custom stringer designs like triple stringers, T-bands, tapers, etc.

Surfboard Shipping Costs

We ship single EPS blanks 7'6" and under to your doorstep for a special low rate, you glue it up. Check out the easy glue up process video in the product images.
Shipping rate will be calculated at check out.

Greenlight Engineered EPS Surfboard Blank Catalog Download

Contact us for the Manufacturer Pricing if purchasing more than 10 EPS blanks

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