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Surfboard Polishing Starter Kit

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Surfboard Polishing Starter Kit

Greenlight has developed a quality modern polish tailored to polyester and epoxy resins made of special abrasives which break down into smaller particles as they are worked on the board thus getting finer and finer the more they are “ polished” into the cured resin to achieve a highly polished look. The surfboard hi-gloss polish also contain a gloss enhancer which aids in providing a deep looking shine to the surfboard.

We've also tested a variety of compound and polishing pads and bonnets and sourced what we believe are the top quality products available for polishing surfboards.

Surfboard Polishing Kit Includes:

8" Wool Bonnet

8" Extra Fine Foam Polishing Pad

8" Backing Pad

4 oz. Greenlight Surfboard Polishing Compound

4 oz. Purlple Haze Hi-Gloss Polish

We recommend using our variable speed Sander/Polisher with this kit