Purple Haze Surfboard Hi-Gloss Polish

Purple Haze Surfboard Hi-Gloss Polish


  • $ 6.75

Purple Haze Surfboard Polish

A top quality modern polish tailored to polyester and epoxy resins made of special abrasives which break down into smaller particles as they are worked on the board thus getting finer and finer to achieve a highly polished look.
The surfboard hi-gloss polish also contain a wax gloss enhancer which aids in providing a deep looking shine to the surfboard.

Smells like grape too!

Use with Greenlight Polishing Compound for best results

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  • how do i use this ?

    The final step in the process of sanding a surfboard to a high gloss, polishing requires use of surfboard polish and polishing pad. Besides these two components, the polishing step is essentially the same as the compounding step with a wool bonnet. Details on the process can be found on our Surfboard Building Guide. Work section by section, and don’t forget the rails. Once the polish has dried to a haze, you buff it off with your polisher and you won’t believe your eyes. The board will be back to it’s original post-gloss shine.