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EPS Surfboard Blank Sealer Paste

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EPS Surfboard Blank Sealer Paste

Easily fills bead tear-outs in EPS blanks for a bright white, smooth surface which can be painted on with acrylic paints prior to glassing. 

(1) 16 oz. container will seal a surfboard up to 7'0" long

2.5 Quart bucket of sealing paste also available for sealing multiple boards.

USE: Mix this sealing paste with 1 oz bottled or distilled water (not tap water - the minerals will turn it yellow) into a whipped cream like consistency. 1 oz measuring cup included with sealing paste.

Squeegee the sealer mixture in a thin layer over the entire blank to fill any holes. Let dry and lightly sand with 220 grit to smooth out. 
On the rails it's easier to just cake the sealer on with your hands and sand it to the the rail shape rather than squeegeeing it on the rail section by section.


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