Surfboard Logo Rice Paper

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Surfboard Logo Rice Paper

Make your own custom surfboard logos!

9 1/2" x 7 1/2" logo rice paper is cut to be taped to an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of printer paper and run through an ink jet printer.

Word of advice: "Normal" quality color printing yields the best results. "Best" quality printing puts too much ink on the paper and runs during laminating

Sold in sets of 4 sheets per pack


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  • I'm concerned about fading from sunlight- working on my first design and it will go on a kayak. How can I image the rice paper with the least image loss from sunlight? I presently have a ink jet printer but am willing to buy the imaging out if necessary.

    Make sure to laminate the logo rice paper with a UV resistant epoxy resin like Resin Research 2000CE or Quik Kick Epoxy which keeps the resin and substrate from fading and yellowing. 

  • Are the fiberglass scissors for both left-handed and right-handed people? Or are they only for right-handed people ?

    The fiberglass shears are right handed

  • What time in the shaping process do you apply the rice paper?

    The surfboard logo rice paper is always protected by one layer of fiberglass. In most cased the logo paper is applied directly to the foam on the bottom of the board and laminated over with one layer of fiberglass. On the deck the logo is applied between the two layers of fiberglass and laminated all at the same time. The process of applying logos to a surfboard is detailed in our Surfboard Building Guide.

  • Can I use vinyl logo paper with an adhesive back to attach it to the board before glassing over it?

    No, a vinyl sticker will delaminate from the foam and cause the fiberglass to delaminate as well. You need to put epoxy resin under and over the vinyl when laminating to encapsulate it so there are no issues.

  • What’s the largest sheet I can buy or a roll if possible

    If you would like a custom length of logo paper please email and we will do our best to accomidate the size if possible.  We do not sell full rolls of logo paper.

  • Re: Pigmented lam and spray paint on logo. What kind of spray paint? Just like normal Krylon stuff or is there a special kind that works better with resin?

    If you are spray painting a logo the Krylon spray paint works very well.

  • If I'm using a pigmented lam, how do I make a white part of my logo stand out? Can I use acrylic paint on the back side to make it stand out?

    Spray paint the back of the logo paper white after printing for the color to 'pop' on a dark color lamination or paint job on your surfboard

  • If I am using pigment, can I add a rice paper logo under my Clear hot coat? If I cover it it with fiberglass do I have to do an additional gloss coat?

    Put your logo over the pigmented lamination. and patch over the logo with a piece of 4 oz glass and clear resin. Then seal coat the board.
    You may also want to paint the pack side of the logo rice paper to make your graphics "pop" off the color background.

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