[SUP SERIES] EPS Foam Stand Up Paddleboard Blanks


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EPS Foam Stand Up Paddleboard Blanks

[SUP Series]

Note: All Engineered EPS Blanks are made to order allowing for quick customization. Please allow 3-4 days before picking up or shipping.

The "SUP Series" Engineered EPS foam blanks requires less fiberglass than traditional SUP blanks. We recommend 2 layers 4 oz x 42" wide E-cloth on the deck and 1 layer 6 oz x 42" wide E-cloth on the bottom for maximum durability and weight savings. One layer 4 oz x 42" wide E-cloth on the deck and bottom can be used for additional weight savings while maintaining superior strength provided by the Engineered EPS foam. 

We offer stock pre-cut outlines on our SUP blanks to save you 1/2 the shaping time. Rectangular blank cuts and custom outline cuts are available upon request. 

Our Engineered EPS foam does not require a traditional wood stringer. We recommend laminating a strip of 3" wide Uni-directional carbon fiber to the bottom as a stiffener. This provides the same stiffening characteristics as a wood stringer with no additional weight and minimal cost. Plus, the labor of shaping a wood stringer down is eliminated. 

We offer basswood stringers as an option for those of you who want to include a wood stringer. 

Greenlight's flexible manufacturing processes allow you to customize this blank to suit your ideas and style without the traditional long wait of a custom blank...



If you're not adding a wood or High Density Foam stringer we recommend using carbon fiber reinforcements with stringerless blanks for flex control and strength.

Contact us for custom stringer glue ups not shown here, as well as altered rockers or blank thicknesses. We can do just about ANYTHING for you!


Stand Up Paddleboard Stringer Options

Basswood-surfboard-stringer-color-imageBasswood is the standard wood type that has been used in surfboard construction for decades. It's light and easy to shape with proper wood tools. The grain is straight, with a fine, even texture and is pale white to light brown color.





Greenlight Engineered EPS Surfboard Blank Catalog Download
Surf SUP stand up paddle board shaping foam blanksSUP stand up paddle board shaping foam blanks
SUP stand up paddle board shaping foam blanksSUP stand up paddle board shaping foam blanks
SUP stand up paddle board shaping foam blanksSUP stand up paddle board shaping foam blanks
Contact us for the Manufacturer Pricelist if purchasing more than 5 EPS blanks


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  • Hi, I am interested in getting a SUP blank and I was wondering about shipping options and pricing for shipping. I couldn't find information on freight shipping options on the site. I am in Austin Texas, is it even an option to have a EPS blank shipped here or are there any distributors in Texas where I could pick up a SUP blank? Thanks!

    Blank shipping info can be found on our SHIPPING INFO page.

    We ship blanks everywhere and work with multiple freight companies to get you the lowest surfboard and SUP blank shipping costs possible. 

    Please email us with you zip code and whether the address is your home or a verified commercial address and we'll get right back to you with the lowest shipping cost for your order.

  • Could one apply a wood veneer product instead of fiberglass?

    Fiberglass is required for strength and waterproofing of the Stand Up Paddleboard. Wood veneers are typically vacuum bagged over a layer of 4 oz fiberglass and capped with another layer of fiberglass. The wood veneers provide a little additional strength but will easily crack without fiberglass support.

  • What are the limits on your custom blank thickness? I'm looking to build a windsurf foil board.

    We can cut any size EPS blank you need up to 12' long and 35" wide....    If adding a stringer, the blank thickness will be limited by the wood or HD foam stringer stock we carry.   Let us know what you need and we'll quote it for you. No problem.