SUP Goretex Deck Vent

SUP Goretex Deck Vent


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SUP Goretex Deck Vent

Venting is a must for all EPS core SUPs

Goretex vent keep the pressure equal to avoid board damage. 

Position this vent 1/3 the board length from the nose in conjunction with a Vented Leash Plug for optimal venting


1. Drill 1 1/4" hole x 1" deep

2. Masking tape bottom hole if vent housing so no resin seeps into screw threads.

3. Mix 1 oz Epoxy Resin and fill hole 1/2 way

4. Remove Goretex scew vent (13mm socket)

5. Set housing into hole and fill resin around the perimeter

6. After resin cures, drill 3/16" diameter hole through bottom of housing into SUP foam

7. Screw Goretex vent back into housing until secure

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