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Resin Dispensing Pumps (2 pack)

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Resin Dispensing Pumps (2 pack)

These resin pumps dispense 1 oz of product per stroke.

Accurate, fast, and clean. No need to measure or weigh your Epoxy Resin to Hardener ratio (2:1).

These resin dispensing pumps fit the 48 oz. 96 oz, kits and gallon jugs we sell epoxy resin in. (38-400 thread)

PRO TIP #1: Epoxy will not harden completely if the Resin to Hardener mix ratio is not strictly adhered to.
These pumps eliminate the chance of screwing up.

PRO TIP #2: In colder temperatures the epoxy resin will thicken and be difficult to pump. Simply warm the resin up with a heater, microwave, or hot water bath to reduce the viscosity to flow easily.

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