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[MS SERIES] EPS Foam Surfboard Blanks : Mini Simmons Shapes

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EPS Foam Surfboard Blanks

[MS Series]


We manufacture all Engineered EPS Surfboard Blanks per order allowing for optimal customization to make shaping easier, faster, and with less dust.

Due to high demand please allow 2 weeks before pick up notification or shipping.

The "MS SERIES" is our version of the classic Mini Simmons shape. Go traditional with moon keels or more progressive with a quad set or classic keel fins.

Greenlight's flexible manufacturing processes allow you to customize this blank to suit your ideas and style without the traditional long wait of a custom blank...



We make it easy for you and reduce the amount of shaping.

No power planer needed if you order your blank around 1/4" thicker than your final shape. You'll quickly lose that 1/4" of foam when scrubbing the blank and rolling your rails into the deck when shaping. Or you can order a blank thicker than the stock dimension to practice shaping and have plenty of foam to play with.


If you're not adding a wood or High Density Foam stringer we recommend using carbon fiber reinforcements with stringerless blanks for flex control and strength.

Contact us for custom stringer glue ups not shown here, as well as altered rockers or blank thicknesses. We can do just about ANYTHING for you!


Surfboard Stringer Options

*Stringerless blanks 6'6" and under will be shipped "the cheap way" split in half for you to glue up. If you want a one piece stringerless blank please contact us for shipping quote. 


High Density (HD) Foam Stringers are the latest stringer technology and offer a more dynamic flex and rebound feel to your board. Similar to Kelly Slater's 'Slater Design / Firewire' boards, the HD foam stringer adds a natural, consistent flex pattern to naturally fit the shape of the wave in a turn, and a powerful spring-like "pop" when releasing the turn. And our HD Foam stringers come in a variety of colors! 

*HD foam stringer blanks will be 23" wide after you glue up if shipped "the cheap way". Glued up Blanks with HD stringer will be 25" wide and shipped via Freight.


Basswood is the standard wood type that has been used in surfboard construction for decades. It's light and easy to shape with proper wood tools. The grain is straight, with a fine, even texture and is pale white to light brown color.


Cedar wood is a popular choice for a darker colored stringer look. It is pale brown or tan color and shares similar properties to basswood but provides a really cool look under the glass. Plus, there's nothing like the smell of cedar in your shaping area when building your new board!




Greenlight Engineered EPS Surfboard Blank Catalog Download
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Contact us for the Manufacturer Pricelist if purchasing more than 10 EPS blanks


We ship single EPS blanks with stringer to your doorstep for a special low rate, you glue it up.
The Easy way to Glue up your EPS Blank at Home Video 


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Ask a Question
  • If I get a stringerless surfboard blank would I have to use carbon on the rails or will it be strong enough without?

    We suggest laminating a strip of carbon fiber along the centerline of the bottom of the board or you can wrap the rails with carbon fiber for more torsional strength. Carbon provides more stiffness and strength.    You can also include VectorNET carbon fiber reinforcement on the deck or bottom (or both) for additional strength.  

  • How can I figure out the volume of the board or what dimensions I should get if I want the volume to be 33

    Surfboard Volume is a function of length, width, thickness, and contours and can only be calculated by designing the board in a computer program like AKUSHAPER.

    If you are hand shaping your surfboard then you can use volumes posted on major surfboard brand's websites and shape your board to those dimensions to get close. 

    We recommend ordering your surfboard blank 1/4" thicker than your final shape's thickness to reduce the amount of shaping work and dust.

    Please note surfboard volume can be used as a general guideline but it is not as important as a shape that feels good in your hands and looks good to your eyes and only a marketing tool devised by surfboard manufacturers when computers and machines started making the boards. Focus on building a board that you connect with and don't worry too much about dimenions. Water doesn't know numbers...

  • Do the eps blanks have the shaping guideline to know whereabouts to cut and shape? If not, is it possible for you to draw it before shipped?

    We can cut an outline for you while making the blank, just let us know the shape you want.  Or you can download a template and trace the outline to cut it yourself.

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