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Greenlight Surfboard Shaping Tool Pack

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Greenlight's Surfboard Shaping Tool Pack

Essential tools for new school surfboard shaping. 

These are a more affordable PVC plastic versions of our popular PRO TOOL surfboard shaping tools. 

  • Rasputin Foiling Rasp (24")

The 'Rasputin' Foiling Rasp is a 24" x 4" wide surfboard shaping rasp studded with gnarly 16 grit carbide chips to effortlessly remove foam and wood from your blank for leveling and foiling your shape. Use on EPS and Polyurethane blanks.

  • G-rasp (12")

The G-Rasp is a 12" x 4" wide surfboard shaping rasp embedded with an aggressive array of 16 grit carbide chips to effortlessly remove foam from your blank 3X more efficiently than a surform or sanding block.
Use for cutting and fine tuning rail bands, removing planer marks on the deck and bottom, and dialing in foil and bottom contours. 
Clog-free design suitable for both EPS and Polyurethane blanks.

  • Rail Runner Tool

The Rail Runner Tool quickly squares up your surfboard outline cut, eliminating bumps and dips -which is essential to a symmetrical, clean shape.
Even more, just flip the magnetic handle to the other side and the Rail Runner becomes a 'Fred Tool' for cutting in the bottom rail 'tuck' band -
perfect tuck and consistent bottom rail / water interaction on every board you shape.

For use with EPS and Polyurethane foam blanks.

Note: Not for heavy use on stringers or on the hard outer skin of PU blanks - This is a tool for shaping Foam!

*Tool color may vary depending on raw material availability*

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