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Greenlight "Essentials" Surfboard Shaping Tool Pack

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Get the top 7 most popular Greenlight Engineered Tools in a discounted package!

You can add a Futures Fin Box or FCS2 Fin Box Install Kit too!


  • Rasputin Foiling Rasp (24")

The 'Rasputin' Foiling Rasp is a 24" x 4" wide surfboard shaping rasp studded with gnarly 16 grit carbide chips to effortlessly remove foam and wood from your blank for leveling and foiling your shape. Use on EPS and Polyurethane blanks.

  • G-rasp (12")

The G-Rasp is a 12" x 4" wide surfboard shaping rasp embedded with an aggressive array of 16 grit carbide chips to effortlessly remove foam from your blank 3X more efficiently than a surform or sanding block.
Use for cutting and fine tuning rail bands, removing planer marks on the deck and bottom, and dialing in foil and bottom contours. 
Clog-free design suitable for both EPS and Polyurethane blanks.

  • Rail Runner Tool

The Rail Runner Tool quickly squares up your surfboard outline cut, eliminating bumps and dips -which is essential to a symmetrical, clean shape.
Even more, just flip the magnetic handle to the other side and the Rail Runner becomes a 'Fred Tool' for cutting in the bottom rail 'tuck' band -
perfect tuck and consistent bottom rail / water interaction on every board you shape.

For use with EPS and Polyurethane foam blanks.

Note: Not for heavy use on stringers or on the hard outer skin of PU blanks - This is a tool for shaping Foam!

  • G-Square Surfboard Fin and Outline Layout Measuring Tool

The G-square is simplest and most intuitive way to measure and lay out surfboard fin positions including distance from the tail, distance in from the rail, and fin toe-in angle.

Just pencil mark your fin position "shaper's dot" coordinates up from the tail and in from the rail on the bottom of the G-square and simply subtract the toe-in measurement from the top of the G-square and place a dot to set the angle.

Position your finbox install router jig on the dots and route away!

Standard fin toe-in measurements:

1/4" toe-in for the front fins in a tri-fin or quad setup

1/8" - 3/16" toe-in for rear quads fins

1/8" - 3/16" for keels or twin fins 

The new and improved G-square now also measures key outline points on your shape (widepoint, 12" from nose, 12" from tail) with it's slotted width markings from 6" to 24" wide.

  • Surfboard Glassing Razor Scraper / Cut Lap Tool

Say goodbye to sanding your surfboards! Another Greenlight engineered tool for smarter surfboard building...

Maintain a high gloss epoxy finish and keep your board water tight. Don't sand it - SCRAPE IT! How many times have you sanded through the sealcoat and expose fiberglass weave, only to have to recoat the area and burn through again? Or kill a pin line by sanding through? Or try to clean up your workspace (and yourself) after sanding a surfboard? Not anymore...

Featuring a heavy duty super sharp carbon steel blade that provides 4 fresh corners for cut laps and 2 flat razor edges for scraping your sealcoat. Simply rotate the blade in the tool holder when it gets dull.

What you can do with this razor tool:

~Easily cut through CURED epoxy with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth laps. (because as DIY board builders we can't wait for perfect timing to cut the lap - just let is cure and cut it when you get around to it!)

~Eliminate the need to sand your boards by scraping the parts that matter!

~Scrape the resin bead left on the rail from the tape when seal coating for a smooth rail

~Scrape and shape the resin built up in the tail from your tape dam and define your hard edge for water release

~Cut open and scrape pre-glass fin box installs to open up the pocket for the fin to go it (which is traditionally done when sanding the bottom of the board)

~Scrape cured fiberglass laps flush with the foam or previous lamination.

Includes tool and (1) heavy duty blade. Replacement razor blades available.

  • Fin Cant Angle Setting Jig

Set your surfboard fin box cant angles with this multi angle jig.

Four sided jig with 3, 5, 7, and 9 degree angles built it.

Also features a relief cut in the base for clearance around the fin box.

  • Surfboard Leash Plug Install Kit

Professional surfboard leash plug install kit ensures quick and accurate hole depth and a centering drill template to prevent the bit from running sideways.

Included is the new "Scott Tool" which grinds the bottom of the leash plug pocket flat and flush for a perfect install!

1 3/16" hole diameter for use with Greenlight Vented Leash Plugs, FCS micro leash plugs*, and FACTORY micro leash plugs*.  *attach the depth shim to base of tool for these leash plug installs at 1/2" deep... Vented Leash Plugs are 5/8" deep and do not need the depth shim.


Diamond Leash Plug Holesaw Bit

Depth Stop Collar

Micro Plug Depth Stop Shim

Drill Centering Jig

"Scott Tool" to Grind the base of the pocket flat

Resin Syringe for injecting resin around plugs

It is recommended to install leash plugs on the surfboard's stringer for optimal strength. 

*Tool colors may vary depending on raw material availability*

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