Fiberglass Cloth - 4 oz. WARP glass


  • $ 3.72

Fiberglass Cloth - 4 oz WARP glass

Style BGF Aerialite 1521

WARP glass has more fiberglass strands running lengthwise (parallel to the stringer) providing more break and buckle strength in the board. WARP glass also holds color laminations very well due to the increased amount of glass managing the pigment or tint spread.

3.7 oz./yd.² X 30"

Available in the following rolls:

  • By the Yard
  • 7 Yard Roll (glass a shortboard up to 6'10")
  • 30 Yard Roll (glass approximately 4 shortboards)
  • 125 Yard Roll*
*If our inventory says 'Out of Stock' on 125 Yard Roll please contact us, we'll pull a roll from The East Coast Surfboard Factory stock for you

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