Epoxy Resin Pigment - Tangerine Orange

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Greenlight's new line of Premier Resin Tints and Pigments are highly concentrated colorants specially designed for use with epoxy resin as well as polyester and vinylester resins for coloring surfboard, wakesurf, kitesurf, and Stand Up Paddleboard laminations, hotcoats, and foam stains.

The Premier resin pigments and tints are formulated for a strong chemical bond to epoxy resin and exhibit even color saturation with minimal amount of color added. These pigments are potent!

These Premier Pigments can also be worked as transparent tints if only a single drop or two is added to your resin mixture. Additional drops will increase the opacity and quickly saturate the resin into a deep, dark color. Lots of different looks can be achieved with these Premier Pigments.

2 oz. bottles come with snap cap lid for clean and easy pigment dispensing. 


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  • Can the epoxy resin pigments be used to paint with, in creating surfboard art on a store bought board?

    Epoxy Resin Pigments are not paint and not meant to be used in that manner.  These need to be mixed in resin.

  • Should I spackle-seal my EPS blank before using this with resin?

    Not 100% necessary to seal the blank with opaque pigments as you will not see through the resin and glass to the foam core. Sealing the blank will however fill voids and use less resin in your lamination.

  • Hi! If I am using this with suncure UV sanding resin would I have to add additional an additional catalyst? Thanks! Will

    MEKP catalyst must be added to pigmented  UV cure resin as the sun's UV rays will not penetrate through opaque resin to fully cure.

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