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Epoxy Resin Dispensing Caps

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Epoxy Resin Dispensing Caps

Set of 2 caps - one for Epoxy Resin and one for Epoxy Hardener

Dial in the accuracy of your epoxy resin mix ratios with these dispensing caps. 38-400 thread fits all Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin and Resin Research Epoxy bottles packaged and sold by Greenlight. (48 oz. kits and above)

Use these dispensing caps in conjunction with a digital epoxy scale to accurately measure your mix ratio without under or over pouring your resin.

Perfect for small batch resin mixes like when installing surfboard fin boxes or leash plugs and doing ding repairs.

REMEMBER the more accurately you measure and mix epoxy resin the stronger the end product is! 

Download our Epoxy Resin Ratio Mixing Chart by Weight HERE.

2 part epoxy resin mixing ratio by weight part A resin to part B hardener


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