Beginner Surfboard/ SUP Fiberglassing Kit with Epoxy Resin

Product image 1Beginner Surfboard/ SUP Fiberglassing Kit with Epoxy Resin
Product image 2Beginner Surfboard/ SUP Fiberglassing Kit with Epoxy Resin

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Beginner Glassing Kit with Marine Grade Epoxy

Everything you need to fiberglass your first surfboard start to finish!

Choose your glassing kit size:

  • Shortboard (up to 7'6")
  • Longboard (up to 10')
  • Stand Up Paddleboard (up to 12')

Beginner Fiberglassing Kit Includes:

Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy with SLOW hardener kit

Fiberglass for 1 layer bottom / 2 layers deck  (7 yards 4 oz. shortboard / 10 yards 6 oz. longboard / 12 yards 6 oz. x 42" wide SUP)

Leash Plug

(4) Sheets Ink Jet Custom Logo Paper

(5) pair Latex Gloves

(2) Graduated Resin Mixing Buckets

(2) 4" Hotcoat Brushes

(1) Resin Spreader Squeegee

(1) Roll of 2" Masking Tape

(1) Resin Mixing Stick

(2) Sheets 80 Grit Sandpaper

(2) Sheets 120 Grit Sandpaper

(2) Sheets 150 Grit Sandpaper

(2) Sheets 220 Grit Sandpaper

SHIPPING NOTICE: Continental US and Canada shipping only. We cannot ship epoxy resin to Hawaii or internationally at this time.

 10 Things You Need to Know about Epoxy Resins Tip Sheet

Download Greenlight's Resin Amounts per Board Length Chart 

How to Build a Simple Surfboard Glassing Rack



Ask a Question
  • so will I be able to use this on a hollow wooden balsa board i am making? or would i need a different Kit?

    Yes, this Epoxy resin kit is recommended for glassing a wood surfboard. The other type of resin, polysester resin, will not bond to wood as well as epoxy.

  • Is the begineer surfboard kit with epoxy enough epoxy for a whole board it seems like not a lot of epoxy

    Yes,  The begginer surfboard / SUP Fiberglass Kit with Epoxy resin will glass an entire board, ust select the size board you are woring on and you will recieve the corrct amount of materials to complete that glassing proect.

  • Will this just glass one board?

    The Greenlight Surf Supply Beginner Surfboard/ SUP Fiberglassing Kit with Epoxy Resing is desinged to provide all of the materials need to fiberglass one surfboard.

  • Starting out by making wood skimboards. Will this kit work with wood?

    Our Beginner Surfboard/ SUP Fiberglassing Kit with Epoxy Resin would be the perfect compliment to any wood fiberglassing project as well.

  • The description says up to 12’ SUP boards. May I assume that includes the 2 layer top and 1 layer bottom?

    Yes the beginner SUP epoxy glassing kit comes with 6 oz fiberglass cloth for 2 layers on the deck and 1 layer on the bottom. Additional layers of fiberglass cloth and carbon fiber reinforcements can be purchased separately if you want to increase the strength of your SUP.

  • Is the leash plug vented?

    Vented Leash Plugs are not inlcuded in the fiberglassing kits and can be added to your order here. A stock FACTORY leash plug is included.

  • Is the kit for the short board meant for 4 oz bottom, 4+4oz top? What would suggest if I want a 4+6 top?

    If younwant 6+4 deck you can order an additional 2-3 yards of 6 oz fiberglass cloth depending on board length.

  • Will this epoxy dry clear to show the wood underneath on a wooden board?

    Yes the epoxy resin is water clear when applied. It has a very slight blue tint as an optical enhancer which is not seen in thin layers on a surfboard.

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