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Custom Close Tolerance Blank Cutting Charge from AKU Shaper File

Designing a surfboard and Shaping a surfboard are two different things. Design is how well the board performs, Shaping is sculpting an accurate hydrodynamic form of the design. Surfboard Design is easy with a little knowledge, the shaping part is a little harder...

We totally understand the shaping learning curve and have made it easy to shape your design into foam.

So why Design your own custom close tolerance blanks?

1. No power planer needed! Say goodbye the needless action of planing the blank to thickness which has been the standard waste of time for the past 70 years.  Now you don't need to master how to use a power tool on a bunch of wonky shapes before you are actually able to shape correctly...

2. High accuracy outline and rocker. The two most critical aspects of good surfboard performance are done for you on our thermal CNC thermal hotwire cutter so you don't have to stress about shaping it right. 

 3. Reduce the amount dust created in your work space by more than 1/2 compared to shaping a stock blank.