8" Compounding/Buffing Wool Bonnet


  • $ 21.67

8" Compounding/Polish Wool Bonnet

Use with Greenlight Polisher Sander, Backing Pad, and Greenlight Surfboard Polishing Compound

The first step in polishing a surfboard is compounding it with this wool bonnet to remove the scratches from sanding. 

  • Premium-grade, high-durability polishing pad for power polishers & buffers
  • Over-sized 8" pad diameter covers more area faster; beveled edges act as bumper to protect car finish
  • 100% genuine wool, excellent cutting power for removing oxidization, deeper scratches
  • Fits 6", 7" or 7.5" Velcro backing pads; strong hook-&-loop system keeps pad from slipping

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