5 Strand Web Fused Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber Tape

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5 Strand Web Fused Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber Tape

Used for reinforcing surfboard rails in the tail area and also as a strong and responsive stringer along the bottom or deck of a stringerless EPS blank.

5 strands of 3K carbon fiber roving spaced out equally over a 3" width

Laminate the carbon fiber tape directly to the foam under the fiberglass layers.




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  • I am making a hydrofoil board and considering adding this reinforcement to stiffen the board. I understand that for conventional boards you only need carbon on the bottom as that puts the carbon in tension, but for the hydrofoil I am considering if I should add the carbon on top and bottom, as once I'm out of the water, the top of the board will be in tension. This would be in addition to adding some reinforcement fiberglass around the mast box. Perhaps this is overkill, but I would like the foil board to be as stiff as possible for better pumping. I'm also not sure of the benefits of carbon up the stringer, or carbon on the rails. My instinct is to put it up the stringer so it goes right through the middle of the foil box. Is carbon on the stringer or rails better in the case of a hydrofoil? Will carbon on the deck help stiffen the board once in flight?

    Using the 5 strand Web fused Uni-directtional Carbon Fiber Tape will be a great addition to the foil board.  We would suggest using it in the stringer area instead of a parobolic set up (rail carbon).  It would just be a much stiffer and stronger setup for a foil board.

  • Which of the three carbon tape options works best as a stringer? Strongest? Easiest to work with?

    The 5 strand and 3" offset carbon fiber have a thin web veil backing and are easist to work with. The 3" offset and 3" unidirectional carbon fiber are stonger as they have more carbon tow

  • Does this have to be separated from the plastic film it is integrated with or do you laminate the whole thing as is onto the foam? Thanks.

    The 5 strand carbon fiber is manufactured on a plastic strip so it can be rolled for shipping and not stick together. Remove the plastic before laminating to your board. The thin "webbing" connecting the carbon fiber strips will keep them spaced perfectly when applying to the foam. 

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