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What Everyone Must Know About Surfboard Building

If you've already built and surfed your own boards, you are well in tune with that FEELING...

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But if you haven't yet ridden a surfboard designed with your style and built with your own hands you're missing out on that ultimate feeling surfing can provide us. Keep Reading...

The Surfboard Survey by Greenlight Surfermag

You'll be surprised by some of the insights we gained from running our very own "Greenlight Surfboard Survey" in Surfer Magazine in 2019. You might remember seeing it...

Over 7000 surfers replied with great info about what's going on with surfing: 

45% of surfers have built at least one board in their lifetime citing: 

"I believe it's a rite of passage for a surfer to create his own boards"

77% of those surfers who shape their own board do it because it evokes a good feeling in them whether they termed it one of the following:

"Fun / Love / Joy / Rewarding / Pride / Connection..."

Yeah, surfing sure does make us feel good, but riding your own boards is a whole 'nother level you can't possibly feel until you try it...

50% of those surfer/shapers also replied they build their own boards to: 

"Be creative, as well as Experiment with Design" 

19% claim they make their own boards because they can't find what they want to ride in a surf shop...

16% of surfers build boards at home because it costs a lot less money than buying one off the racks or getting a custom shaped for them.

and finally 9% do it as a hands on hobby that gets them some "alone time" away from the wife and kids. If you're married you know you need this 😉

Join the growing movement of surfers getting back to the feeling of total involvement with their surfing now! Get creative, ride what you want, save money, and enjoy a new hobby with Greenlight. 

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